Solum Group and Loblaw

Largest Canadian grocery/drugstore retailer with close to 2800 stores. SoluM have reached an agreement after 4 months of an intensive pilot review. This includes all banners stores of the retailer coast to coast across Canada and the installation will start on Jan of 2019. The total number of ESL tags in this roll-out will be close to 10 million per year.About 40K tags per store will be installed. The project is expected to be completed at the end of 2021. This deployment is by far, the largest ESL deployment in the history of US/CAN, not only for the groceries but also in all the retail industry.



#1 retailer of Canada has reviewed several ESL solutions to improve its store environment, digitization and store operation efficiency. SoluM has proposed high-quality ESL and a system with fast and reliable updates.

Solum Group America


One of the main drivers in their decision for ESL was the desire to both simplify and revolutionize their shelf-labeling processes. They recognized that a fast, secure and reliable two-way wireless transmission system was needed in-store to enable real-time feedback on the status of the labels. It requested a product solution with clear shelf label visibility from the shopper’s prospective. In addition, they were seeking a flexible solution for all types of stores: supermarket, hypermaket, express stores with refined design, easy to use and low infrastructure cost


Introduction effect

Now with ESL technology linking the POS price data with ESLs, these stores can automatically display accurate pricing information real-time and implement dynamic pricing at the shelf level. Using ESL, our client also enhanced the shopping experience by taking another step forwards to digitalizing the store and increasing the eco-friendliness of the store environment.

video source: Loblaw’s youtube channel