SOLUM and ASTS ( are pleased to announce the signed contract with BigTech Experience S.L. for the Rollout of SOLUM’S electronic shelf labels (ESL), initially focused on companies associated with the BIGMAT Group to which BigTech belongs.


BIGMAT is the first international brand of independent distributors of construction materials, created in 1981 and currently has +890 points of sale in Europe with +8,000 employees . In Spain, it has more than +340 points of sale. BigMat sells building materials. BigMat materials and services are primarily intended for the use of construction and renovation contractors, but also for private customers, occasional or experienced DIYers too. The BigMat network markets have two categories of materials: Structural materials: these are the so-called “heavy” materials involved in the construction or renovation of a building’s framework. Examples include blocks, bricks, capping products, drainage, water treatment and recovery systems, lumber, roofing materials, insulation, etc.
Finishing materials: they are involved in the development work. Examples include tiling, interior carpentry (doors, flooring, paneling, …), sanitary fittings, exterior landscaping (paved terraces, wood, stone, terrace slabs, cladding, fencing , Etc.), etc. For both your structural work and finishes, the BigMat store range is extremely versatile.

Solum Ivan Laporta

BIGTECH is a company dedicated to seeking solutions for real problems. The BIGTECH team consists of specialists to guarantee the growth of the business in areas of Digital Marketing, B2B and B2C, ecommerce and mobile Apps. Iván Laporta, Founder and CEO of BigTech, comments that “We have found in ASTS/SOLUM the most competitive ESL technology on the market. Our ideal partner in this solution gives us the value of their experience, best practices and quality of service. Together with our own knowledge we deliver a very significant value proposition for BigMat distributors. ”

Solum team and asts

ASTS and SoluM are a companies specialized in the electronic shelf label ESL sector, they transform digital business processes. ASTS provides managed solutions from start to finish. They specifically focus on the optimization of the process linked to the internal management of prices and promotions with ESL technologies. Among their trusted customers are names such as BP, BonPreu, Alcampo, Media Markt …

If you require any further information on the Spain or Portugal market please contact ASTS under the follwoing contact details.

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