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Advantages of Newton's Operating Temperature Capacity

Newton labels can operate at 32 - 104° F temperature, so they can be used in different applications and in different types of stores.

Certain electronic devices can no longer function properly after prolonged exposure in very cold or very hot areas. 


Not SOLUM’s Newton electronic shelf labels (ESL). 


A Newton ESL has an operating temperature ranging from  0 to 40° Celsius or 32 to 104° Fahrenheit, allowing a label to function perfectly above and below room temperature. This makes the Newton labels very usable in various kinds of retail stores.

Useful in display fridges in convenience stores

Convenient store owners might hesitate in availing Newton ESL batches, thinking that the labels cannot be used inside their display refrigerators (also known as commercial refrigerators) because the cool temperature might break the electronic device. 

But Newton labels can work in temperatures as low as -25° Celsius or -13° Fahrenheit, so they can be installed on the shelves of commercial refrigerators. This advantage allows convenience store owners to update their cold snacks and beverages’ prices in real-time and provides their customers with accurate and up-to-date product information.

Useful in the meat section of supermarkets

Newton ESLs can also be used in places much colder than the display refrigerators at convenience stores: they can also withstand the cold of a supermarket’s meat section.


Meat sections for pork, beef, lamb, chevon, poultry, and seafood are always cold to keep the products fresh. Certainly, it would be inconvenient and risky for supermarkets and hypermarkets to dial down the coolness of the meat section just to make way for ESL. And this is why Newton labels are built to withstand the cold temperatures of the meat section.


Sunka, one of the hypermarkets that installed Newton ESL, is currently using the digital labels in their very cold and very foggy meat section with no problem. The labels work perfectly despite being surrounded by ice and frozen goods.

Useful in display cases in delis and bakeries

The Newton labels can also work in slightly warmer environments just as much as they can work in cold ones. This makes them useful in display cases used in bakeries, especially for times when the display cases’ interiors are extra warm due to the heat coming from the freshly-baked bread and pastries that just came out of the oven. The extra heat would not damage the ESL as it can operate in an environment as hot as 40° Celsius or 104° Fahrenheit.


And because the Newton labels can function in the cold, delis and cake shops that have colder display cases to keep their deli meats and cakes fresh can find Newton labels useful too. 

Here at SOLUM, we anticipate what business owners and entrepreneurs might need in their retail operations. So whether you need an electronic shelf label for your convenience store, supermarket, bakery, or deli shop, you can rely on our Newton ESL’s operating temperature capability. Contact us today to learn other advantages our digital labels can offer.


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