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What powers an electronic shelf label?

Top-quality electronic shelf labels run on battery power which can go on for ten years.

Once powered, an electronic shelf label (ESL) uses liquid crystal paper or electronic paper to show product information. The information displayed can be updated using the store’s local network.

How are ESLs being used anyway? Electronic shelf labels are usually on the shelves front edges. They are typically connected to the store's remote server and used for the following purposes:

Display Product Information

Electronic shelf labels are mainly used to show a product's price. But aside from that, ESLs like Newton labels are also used to display information such as stock levels, product specifications, expiration dates, and more. These details help shoppers decide which item to purchase, enhancing the customer experience.

Manage Inventory

Aside from improving the shoppers' experience, ESLs are also used to simplify a store's operation. Electronic shelf labels digitalize inventory information. This allows staff to identify which items need to be replenished. 


Digital price tags can be connected to an online store's inventory database to manage orders easily and efficiently.

Targeted Advertising

Digital price tags can also help retailers implement and boost their marketing campaigns. Retailers can establish connections with consumers by showing information based on search histories, previous purchases, and social media engagement. Doing this helps a store increases its chances for revenue.

Cut Operational Cost

With ESLs, you are no longer required to print new paper tags when updates come in. This means you don't have to buy papers, ink, and a printer anymore. It also saves your workers' time as they don't have to remove and update every single paper label.

The Best Electronic Shelf Label System in the Market

There are a lot of things to explore with SOLUM's electronic shelf labels. Our ESLs are powered by the Newton system that allows retailers to enhance the shopping experience and simplify the store's workflow. 


SOLUM ESLs come with state-of-the-art features such as:


  • 7 LED colors
  • Customizable design
  • 8-10x faster update speed 
  • Two programmable buttons
  • Up to 7 pages of information display
  • IP67 
  • NFC capability
  • Ten years of battery life


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