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  Settore: Elettronica di consumo
  Paese: Spain
  Anno di introduzione delle ESL: 2021


Foto Ruano is a camera retail store established in Spain. The store only sold film and analog cameras when it first opened in 1954 but expanded its product offering by 1995 when digital cameras came to be. As of 2022, Foto Ruano now offers digital cameras from famous brands like Canon, Fujifilm, Sony, Panasonic, and Olympus. 


The store also ventured into selling camera parts and accessories, lighting equipment, video equipment, audio recorders, drones, binoculars, and darkroom equipment.




As a family-owned business, Foto Ruano’s management was passed down from one Ruano generation to the next. The current generation led by CEO Carlos Ruano Valles are finding ways to adapt to the changing times to improve the store’s operations. This included finding a way to make their price update method faster and easier to keep up with the market price changes. 


“We realized that we spent a lot of energy and time,” Brand Manager Bruno Pereira states about their manual price update process.


To solve the aforementioned problem, the Foto Ruano management decided to implement SOLUM’s Newton digital labels across the store.




The Newton digital labels and its advanced features allowed the Foto Ruano staff and customers to see the real updated prices. With SOLUM’s AIMS software integrated into Foto Ruano’s ERP, price updates also became more efficient as the information displayed on the labels can be changed or updated digitally instead of manually. 


The Newton digital labels’ design and style also blended easily with the store’s showroom atmosphere and Foto Ruano’s branding.


The Foto Ruano team are very pleased with the results and are planning to purchase more Newton digital labels to use for omnichannel marketing that they can integrate to the Foto Ruano online store.

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