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  Settore: Impianti e stabilimenti produttivi
  Paese: Germany
  Anno di introduzione delle ESL: 2019


The introduction of the Electronic Shelf Labels in Diebold Nixdorf’s smart module factory added a new layer of control to the inventory and logistics operations of the business. Due to this fast and reliable system of SOLUM, wasted time caused by inefficient replenishment of parts bins has been eliminated, and the non-productive time of technicians has been dramatically reduced.




With large volumes of machines being assembled and tested in Diebold Nixdorf’s smart factory, it has been imperative that parts bins are replenished on time and at consistent levels.


Due to the increasing demand for the company’s hardware worldwide, the production of the facility must keep up. Empty or near-empty parts bins meant that the assembly of machines is put to a halt, creating significant downtime in the production cycle.




By implementing ESL, the team at Diebold Nixdorf smart module factory was able to develop an Electronic Wireless Kanban System for each workplace for each technician across the facility. The KANBAN database allows each worker to reorder specific materials with a push of a button.


The technician simply must push a button in front of him, and the green LED tells him that the information went to the server. SAP then processes the information in the background and visualizes the order on the ESL. The label informs the worker with a red box and additionally the exact order time.

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