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28 - 30 September 2021
11:00 - 19:00
P 070
Porte de Versailles, Paris Expo, Paris, France

SOLUM Gives a ‘Glimpse Into the Future’ at Paris Retail Week

Paris, France, September 28-30, 2021 — SOLUM, the global leader in Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) technology, will showcase world-class solutions empowering retail success in the upcoming Paris Retail Week 2021, Europe's most significant meeting for key players in the retail ecosystem.


SOLUM representatives will present our all-new Newton System that is set to revolutionize the retail tech world. They will demonstrate Newton’s features and capabilities that are extremely valuable in today's competitive retail arena:


  • 8x to 10x more speed
  • 10 years of battery life
  • Built-in protection cover 
  • IP67 water- and dust-proof
  • Sleek and metallic design
  • 7-color LED
  • Multifunctional buttons
  • NFC capability
  • Custom design
  • Up to 7-Page Capacity
  • More than 60 RF channels
  • Auto channel selection
  • Location Based Service (LBS)


We will also be showcasing retail solutions that we specifically designed for select companies, to cater to their organization’s unique needs.



Paris Retail Week's Solutions Workshops will include pitch sessions to discuss eight of the most significant business issues faced by retailers and online sellers:


  • Omnichannel commerce
  • Marketing innovation
  • Supply chain
  • B2B marketing
  • Marketplaces
  • New means of payment
  • Agile customer experience
  • Data optimization


SOLUM Newton can contribute to addressing these issues, most notably with Omnichannel Commerce, to ensure that offline and online prices are synchronized. The slightest price difference may impact customer expectations of a unified shopping experience, which can result in increased customer dissatisfaction and loss of customer trust, thus affecting the company's revenue.


Our ESL solutions can help retailers achieve seamless price synchronization—we provide an advanced, centralized system that automatically updates the prices of products in the physical store and e-commerce platforms simultaneously. SOLUM ESLs also offers scheduling of updates, allowing them to be set at a predefined date and time.


"At this year's Paris Retail Week, we look forward to demonstrating our latest ESL innovation," said Eugene Paik, President of SOLUM Europe GmbH. "We want to show how our all-new Newton System can help retail organizations optimize their operations and maximize their profits. Our team is more than excited to unveil this avant-garde product in front of the Paris Retail Week attendees."



About Paris Retail Week

From September 28-30, Paris Retail Week 2021 will gather trade professionals at the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles to exchange knowledge, experiences, and best industry practices. This year’s exhibit will be in an ever more experiential format as it will include conferences, workshops, pitching, awards, innovation tours, store tours, and announcements of new technology.


An attendance of 25,000 professionals is expected, and 600 participating companies will present the entire connected commerce value chain—from start-up companies to multinational businesses, coming from five different interconnected areas of retail:


  • Marketing, Data & Customer Relations
  • Retail Tech / Digital in Store
  • IT for Commerce
  • Payment solutions
  • Logistics, e-logistics & supply chain

Sobre a SOLUM

Originalmente uma empresa derivada da Samsung, a SOLUM tem o respaldo de 45 anos de experiência em tecnologia e dispositivos de comunicação sem fio. E, nos últimos 10 anos, ela vem desenvolvendo constantemente novas soluções, fazendo várias melhorias na qualidade e acrescentando recursos adicionais à ESL. Assim, nasceu a mais nova e inovadora solução ESL.

Possibilitamos a migração para uma estrutura digital e mais conectada para as empresas. Não se trata apenas de mostrar aos clientes prateleiras com tecnologia avançada. Nossa visão é que os varejistas experimentem os benefícios das ESLs que nenhuma outra tecnologia fornece: uma melhoria sistemática em uma escala mais abrangente e duradoura. Gostaríamos de apresentar a você a mais nova geração de ESLs.

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Vice-presidente de vendas, SOLUM Europa
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JK Shin
Diretor de Vendas EMEA & Industrial, SOLUM Europa
tel.: +49 1622 955071, 
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Mark Duckworth
Gerente Nacional, Reino Unido & Irlanda, SOLUM Europa
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Gerente Nacional, França, SOLUM Europa
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