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  Branche: Verbraucher- / Supermärkte
  Land: South Korea
  Einführungsjahr von ESL: 2012


LotteMart, one of Korea’s top three retailers, introduced and operated Graphic ESL for the first time in Korea in 2012 and is starting to implement 3-Color ESL to its stores nationwide starting in 2017. SOLUM is promptly responding to LotteMart’s requirements with the introduction of diverse products and differentiated solutions.




LotteMart successfully implemented SOLUM’s Segment ESL which has excellent readability and low infrastructure investment in 2012. 


Today, LotteMart expanded with the use of 3-color ESL to all stores to display more product information and deliver effective promotional information.




With the adoption of SOLUM ESL, a clean and tidy store environment has been provided, store staff can focus more on customer service and customers can easily distinguish promotional information with 3-color displays. As a result, it helped to provide a better shopping experience and increased sales. 


SOLUM is continually proposing custom new solutions and building relationships as a long-term store innovation partner.


SOLUM Marketing