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  Sector: Logística
  País: South Korea
  Año de presentación de la ESL: 2023


DAU D&D, which stands for Distribution and Delivery, is a South Korean company specializing in distribution logistics for the 4th industrial revolution. They prioritize customer satisfaction through values such as speed, accuracy, and trust. DAU D&D operates with 5 logistics centers, over 190 cargo vehicles, 50 employees, and 20 years of operations. They work with various brands and deliver fresh food, food ingredients, and other general merchandise.



The team at DAU D&D needed a modern solution that could simplify and enhance their picking operations—from the time they spend checking order details and picking up items to the manual labor it takes to complete their tasks and to the accuracy and effectiveness of their work.



The DAU D&D team implemented the SOLUM ESL picking system in their warehouse and logistics operations. As a result, their picking time and labor were significantly reduced. This also led to improved accuracy, a priority for the company. All of these led to better productivity and morale for the team.


Before the implementation of the ESL system, their picking process took two people manually checking paper lists and would take over 30 to 40 minutes. One person would be checking product details and reading the barcode, while another would be looking and picking the actual items for the orders. Some numbers would be indistinguishable from the paper tags or lists, and employees would need to constantly check everything. This unfortunately caused a lot of mistakes and delays. This was also harder on days when the team had higher orders.


With SOLUM ESL, however, they can cut down the labor time to 10 minutes. And what usually takes two people is now manageable by just one person. There’s also no need to rely on pen and paper and spend unnecessary time double-checking everything. The ESL system updates and checks the picking process for the team.


Their inventory management also improved with the implementation of SOLUM ESL. This is because the quantity is always updated by the system, before and after their picking process. The team doesn’t lose track of the current status anymore since the number of items on the shelves is always displayed on the electronic labels. Monthly inventory checks are not necessary anymore as well, and everything is more efficient.


DAU D&D also appreciated that even inexperienced or unskilled workers have confidence in the system. This is because the SOLUM label will flash red and indicate the number of items they need to pick. The employees only need to touch the tag after picking items to turn off the light. They also emphasized and recognized the costs they can save due to the ESL system in place.


In conclusion, SOLUM’s electronic shelf labels and the whole ESL system are helping DAU D&D modernize its operations. Gone are the days of manual picking, which would take almost 40 minutes. With ESL, the team at DAU D&D is able to do things accurately and efficiently. Now, they are doing more while doing less.

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