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  Setor: Entretenimento e lazer
  País: United Kingdom
  Ano de lançamento da ESL: 2022


Alton Towers is the United Kingdom’s largest theme park resort and short break destination. Opening as a theme park in 1980, Alton Towers has been open each summer ever since. They have world-class rides and attractions, a water park, a spa, golf, shops, and themed hotels. Alton Towers welcomes millions of visitors every year and accommodates hundreds of thousands of clients who stay at their hotels.



Alton Towers has been on a journey of digital transformation for the past few years. They have two main reasons why they want to implement SOLUM technology and products in the retail shops on their property. This includes the customer touchpoint the need to ensure a smooth journey for visitors, and the sustainability of using electronic shelf labels as opposed to traditional paper labels.



Alton Towers installed SOLUM ESL in their various shops, where visitors stop by every day. Clive Williams, Head of Retail for Alton Towers, stated that with SOLUM, they were able to focus on other elements of the retail environment. Their staff were able to focus on more engagement and more conversations with guests in their stores. Because of this, they weren’t just able to serve these customers, but they were also able to give them a choice and an identity. Their customers can feel a little more special.


Williams also emphasized that they were able to create a themed template on the SOLUM digital platform for the ESLs that matched the actual individual shop. Alton Towers employees worked together with SOLUM to learn and achieve this, and to make it a reality for their every shop.


Alton Towers preferred the 4.2” Newton labels for clear product name and price, and the 11.6” Newton labels for multiple product pricing. The labels were implemented in their shops with various fonts and different backgrounds which brought their pricing labels to life.


Alton Towers has different kinds of retail shops across the resort, which means they needed to be able to change ESL templates and price tags. SOLUM helped Alton Towers streamline this process. Naomi Sale-Hancock, Head of Continuous Improvement for Alton Towers, emphasized that SOLUM being a simple software integrated into their operating system was further impressive. All they needed to do was download the app, open it, scan the barcode, upload it, and be done.


Neil Crittenden, Commercial and Operations Director of Alton Towers, stated how positive the experience with SOLUM digital labels has been so far. They were able to make decisions about the event products that needed to go live when to put sale products into their shops, and more.


In conclusion, Alton Towers is continuing to push these SOLUM products and solutions in their operations. They claim that SOLUM ESL further supports their goal of being world-class and the world’s best.                                                                                 

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