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  Branche: Verbraucher- / Supermärkte
  Land: Turkey
  Einführungsjahr von ESL: 2017


Carrefour, the world’s second largest grocery chain, introduced the first red-colored ESL in January 2017 and the first yellow-colored ESL in its second store in May.




Carrefour was looking for a revolutionary price tag management solution to comply with Turkish legal requirements that require detailed information on the price label such as country of origin, net weight, production date, etc. 


Other main drivers in Carrefour’s decision for ESL was a solution that could reduce price discrepancy between price label and cashier system caused by human errors, and at the same time achieving customer satisfaction.




SOLUM has proposed a variety of sizes of ESL that can display large amounts of product details, of which 7.5” was the best solution for displaying additional information beyond the price.


In addition, With SOLUM’s display driver IC design experience and in-house manufacturing capacity, we provided a variety of yellow-colored graphic ESLs to display promotion information effectively.


A stable system that can update continuously changing price data in real-time has also been a key factor in meeting Carrefour’s requirements.

“SOLUM is providing the best combination of technology, quality, price, and service. It was the right choice. For our decision, the look and feel were very important. We are thinking always from our customer's perspective and we are convinced, that our customers will like and will be satisfied as we are doing.”


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