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  Settore: Negozi di moda
  Paese: Germany
  Anno di introduzione delle ESL: 2020


Douglas, a premium beauty platform in Europe, chose SOLUM as its retail digitalization partner in 2020 and successfully implemented Newton and Newton TOUCH across their upscale stores across the region.


The ESL models deployed in this roll-out are mainly composed of 1.6" Newton labels with black bezels, which exactly fits the minimalist yet elegant interior vibe they want to achieve. The Newton TOUCH units are mainly installed in the cosmetics section, enabling customers to interact directly with products and play videos for in-store marketing campaigns.




Bridging the gap between the physical shopping experience and digital commerce has been the utmost priority of Douglas since the emergence of omnichannel retail in the 21st century. To move one step closer to achieving such a feat across their retail chain, Douglas started the journey of searching for an electronic shelf label provider in the market.


The ESL solution Douglas looked for should allow them to change the price points of their products quickly and efficiently, deploy interactive media in select product lines, and enable automated data monitoring so their staff can focus on providing top-notch service to their clients.




By choosing SOLUM as their retail digitalization partner, Douglas has been able to experience the #Newton and #NewtonTOUCH difference in their day-to-day operations. With the uncompromising features of Newton, it is now possible for Douglas to execute dynamic pricing, enabling them to update product price points at certain intervals, thus maximizing their profit potential.


In addition to Newton labels, the interactive and immersive LCD of Newton TOUCH now enables their customers to gather more information about the products by just tapping, swiping, or scanning the screen. This added layer of customer interaction also results in a throve of customer data that Douglas can leverage to improve their marketing campaigns.


Furthermore, Newton TOUCH also enhances Douglas's in-store promotional efforts by making it possible for them to play interactive content and product videos, which entices the customers to check the products and prolong their stay inside the store, allowing the staff to identify customers interest more effectively.


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