Carrefour Argentina

“We are very satisfied with SoluM’s excellent products, and their ESL product allows us to enhance our customer service”

Sectors Grocery
Country Argentina, Global
Number of stores 11,935
Introduction 2015 Year
Product family Graphic Label, Freezer Label


Carrefour, one of Argentina’s largest grocery chains, has been deploying SoluM ESL in Buenos Aires since 2015. Satisfied with SoluM’s outstanding product quality and prompt and active customer responsiveness, Carrefour is considering further ESL expansion to its different stores.


Carrefour required an ESL system that could quickly manage thousands of pricing information during the special promotional seasons and accurately reflect frequently changing pricing information without errors.

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SoluM has proposed a system capable of quickly and accurately updating thousands of ESLs in a matter of minutes with up to 2 Mbps data transfer speed and proprietary communication protocol. SoluM introduced a layout designer that can manage layouts with flexibility and ease the frequently changing promotional information. SoluM also introduced a freezer label to provide a reliable solution in low temperature environments.

Introduction effect

With the fast and reliable SoluM ESL system, store staffs were able to reduce price tag management time and focus more on customer interactions during the special promotional season and significantly enhance customer satisfaction by reducing price errors. More importantly, sales performance increased with the excellent product performance and convenient management tool such as tag layout designer.


“ESL has been part of our efforts to upgrade and deliver the best in class shopping experience with the best prices possible to meet our customer’s needs. We are pleased to be partnering with SoluM, as their product quality and customer support service has been outstanding.”
– Carrefour AR, Store Manager –

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