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<p>You thought you’ve seen all there is to see about electronic shelf labels.</p><p>Think again.</p>

You thought you’ve seen all there is to see about electronic shelf labels.

Think again.

The first of its kind in the industry, Newton TOUCH turns your shelf edge into a powerful marketing and profit-generating platform computer

So you can create engagement and earn revenue in more ways than one.

Equipped with features that meet today’s business requirements, Newton TOUCH not only allows customers to watch product videos and instructional demos.  

With simple commands or gestures, they can also browse products, download content to their device, or add items into an online shopping cart.

swipe to change skin color


Choose your skin type: 
Located at Shelf 
skin liquid foundation container
Skin Liquid Foundation

Slide your finger across the Newton TOUCH screen to scroll through rows of text, turn a page, select from a range of options, and more.

Tap to change Newton touch


Carrot 2.00/pack
Broccoli 4.50/pack
Cabbage 3.00/pack
Tomato 1.50/pack
Pork 2.00/pack
Chicken 1.50/pack
Beef 4.50/pack
Turkey 3.00/pack



Simply tap the screen lightly with your finger to press a button on the Newton TOUCH.

Scan QR from Newton touch


Scan this QR code to avail 30%
discount in all our items!

Use your mobile phone’s camera feature or a QR Code reader to scan QR Codes on the Newton TOUCH screen, which then allows you to be directed to more information on a multitude of products or in-store promotions.

Make more of an impression with Newton TOUCH

Interactive. Modern. Configurable. 

Newton TOUCH is designed and engineered to change the way people see and interact with your business. 

Bring your Products to Life with Newton TOUCH

Seamlessly transform your operations and immerse your customers to a new experience with our latest interactive digital signage solution.

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