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  Sector: Supermarkets / Hypermarkets
  Country: South Korea
  ESL Introduction Year: 2017


NongHyup Hanaro Mart Inc. is a supermarket store owned by agricultural farmers and is connected to the NongHyup Bank, an agricultural credit bank based in South Korea. It was incorporated on March 02, 2015 and has over 2,000 employees as of 2022.



Because NongHyup has several member unions adhering to the price policy differently, Hanaro Mart needed a way to promote specific products to the National Association, so they can be sold at the same price at the same time.



After deploying electronic shelf labels across the supermarket, Hanaro Mart was not only able to centralize their product prices; they were also able to make store operations more efficient.

“Before ESL was introduced, it was important to constantly replace the paper pricing stack…” says NongHyup Store Manager Woo Seung-Jea. “After introducing ESL, changes are made electronically and promotions are applied simultaneously, which is very helpful for business.”


Store Manager Woo Seung-Jea aded that the labels made the store look clean and smart, and that ever since the labels’ installation in 2017, the number Hanaro Mart’s retail expansions have increased.

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