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  Sector: Appliance Stores
  Country: Poland
  ESL Introduction Year: 2022


For more than 60 years, Tefal has offered a range of innovative solutions for household and daily living. As part of the Groupe SEB in France, Tefal has become the world leader in non-stick cookware, as well as other cooking appliances, equipment, and home appliances. Today, Tefal products can be found and sold in more than 120 countries.




As innovation is one of the company’s values, Tefal wanted to find a solution that would streamline store operations and enhance employee productivity and effectiveness. They needed something that would digitize their business.


Tefal then partnered with SOLUM to implement digital price tags across 28 of their stores in Poland.




The main goal of this Tefal-SOLUM collaboration is to speed up the price updates at their stores. Fortunately, SOLUM’s update speed has given them the chance to focus more on helping the customers. Moreover, SOLUM has also provided them with ways to digitize processes.


Tefal liked the fact SOLUM electronic shelf labels last up to 10 years and are maintenance-free. NFC (near-field communication) capability is also both a big surprise and an advantage for Tefal’s business as it works with their Tefal Home App. Meanwhile, Aims SaaS—which comes with SOLUM ESL—also allows them to connect the online world with the offline world as it updates their inventory and price changes within their website as well.


At the end of the project, the Tefal Team was inspired by the solutions brought forth by the SOLUM ESL system, and the overall convenience SOLUM has brought to their stores.


Groupe SEB Retailing Director, Marek Magnowski, stated. “...if I had to point out the three most important things why it was worth introducing ESL: First—quality, work comfort for our employees at the store; second—reaction time and how fast we can change prices at stores in real time; and third—as a company, we focus on ecology and it is a great paper saving.”

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