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  Sector: Hardware
  Country: Spain
  ESL Introduction Year: 2021


Ferreteria Mengual is one of the leading DIY hardware stores in Barcelona with 50 years of experience and dedication in selling wood fittings and decorations. To enhance their retail operations, Ferreteria Mengual partnered with SOLUM and installed electronic shelf labels (ESL) across their stores.




Ferreteria Mengual’s main objective this year was to move their status towards a 4.0 company. In order to do that, Mengual needed an advanced system that allows their stores’ staff to manage shelf inventory and allows their customers to see all the necessary product information. In addition, they also need a solution that can provide a birds eye view of their large shopping facility to monitor product prices and status.


For this, Ferreteria Mengual partnered with SOLUM and ASTS Solutions. SOLUM’s Newton labels were deployed in selected Mengual stores across Spain, thus upgrading the store shelves with features that not only show product prices but also help with store management.




The Newton ESL proved to be very effective as it helped Ferreteria Mengual store staff manage their time, allowing them to dedicate more time to customer service. The system also allowed store managers to analyze what’s happening in the stores in real time. Newton labels’ clear display also makes product information easier for customers to read. 


With SOLUM electronic shelf labels, Ferreteria Mengual was able to optimize internal processes such as replenishment tasks, locating products, and other functionalities. There is no doubt that with SOLUM, Ferreteria Mengual will be able to reach its goal as a 4.0 retail business.

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