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3 Cool Ways Amusement Parks can Amuse Customers

Amusement parks are cool, but digital labels can make them even cooler by equipping the place with high-tech interactive wayfinders, ride signages, and food shelf labels.

The retail and manufacturing industries are usually the most prominent players in using digital labels for business. But the use of digital labels can go beyond that. Digital labels can enhance the operational management of amusement parks and theme parks while providing guests with a fantastic experience.

Digital Screens as Wayfinders

Amusement parks are situated on hundreds of square feet of land with a maze of rides, games booths, attractions, and food stalls. The most accessible options are to display an ordinary amusement park poster and to giveaway map flyers to crowds entering the gates. However, although easy, these options have downsides. Map posters fade away due to consistent exposure to sunlight and weather conditions, and giving away map flyers is expensive and far from eco-friendly. 


By using electronic wayfinders with digital screens, amusement parks can save operating costs in the long run while saving trees. Moreover, interactive digital screens are more helpful than static maps. They not only show guests the locations of each ride, but they can also give instructions on how to get from point A to point B. Amusement parks can also go for wayfinders with touch screens showing information about a ride when you click on its picture.

An amusement park customer manually looks at the map for directions

An amusement park customer manually looks at the map for directions

Digital Labels as Information Signage

Amusement park rides and attractions need signages to inform the guests about the rules and regulations before they get on it. Digital labels are perfect for the job because, unlike paper posters, digital labels can display moving elements that can catch guests’ attention lining up on the queue, so they will know what they need to know before deciding if they are going to push through the ride.


Additionally, digital labels such as amusement park signage reduce the time, money, and effort spent replacing the old paper posters when the ride or attraction is unavailable. All the staff needs to do is program the display content from a central server; there is no need to redesign and reprint a “Ride Temporarily Unavailable” sign.

Digital Labels as Electronic Shelf Labels

Amusement parks are not just full of rides. They are also full of food stalls, food carts, food trucks, restaurants, and cafes. These food stores would need to have shelf labels to show the food prices. Not only will digital food shelf labels provide clear writing with an automated update system, but they can also help prevent selling expired food to customers. 


Digital labels like Newton labels have shelf-life management features. With this feature, your customers and staff can see the expiration date of your products.


Contact us today for a more detailed discussion on how digital labels like SOLUM’s Newton label can help your amusement park!

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