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3 Thanksgiving Tips for Retailers

Dealing with the annual Thanksgiving shopping rush has changed ever since the world was hit by the pandemic. Retailers now have to use a different strategy when managing store operations during the shopping rush.

Before the pandemic, retailers are looking forward to the high sales that the Thanksgiving shopping rush brings in. Nowadays, shop owners are more worried than excited about the shopping rush. Retailers need to implement safety measures to ensure that the volume of shoppers will not cause a breakout in their stores.


Fortunately, there are easy ways to ensure the shoppers’ safety this Thanksgiving rush.

Advise Shoppers to Wear Face Masks

Some areas of the world no longer mandate wearing face masks but since the pandemic has not been completely eliminated, it is better if you advise your staff and shoppers to wear masks. Inside retail stores, face-to-face interactions are hard to avoid, hence it is better if as many as possible people are covering their noses and mouths during these interactions.

Limit the Number of People Inside the Store

One of the safety measures retailers can implement is limiting the number of consumers inside the store during the Thanksgiving rush. However, this concept must be carefully planned so the limit will not compromise the sales. Store managers can use queue numbers for walk-ins or advanced reservations as solutions.

Use Electronic Shelf Labels

More and more retailers use electronic shelf labels in their stores due to their benefits. One of its benefits is the fast product information update it provides for holiday shopping rushes. Instead of employees spending lots of time replacing paper shelf labels, prices can be updated in a nick of time before the shopping rush starts. Additionally, electronic shelf labels like Newton labels have 7-colored LEDs that can be programmed to notify customers which products are on sale for the duration of the shopping rush, making it easier to segregate shoppers and keep distances between them.


For an in-depth discussion on how electronic shelf labels can help your retail business during holiday shopping rushes, contact us today!

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