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5 Technology Trends Your Gym Should Have

Digital labels can help fitness centers with customer retention.

“At least 40% of all businesses will die in the next 10 years… if they don’t figure out how to change their entire company to accommodate new technologies.” —John Chambers, Cisco 

Digital Signage for Gym

There are many things digital labels can do to modernize the experience of gym-goers, especially digital labels like SOLUM’s Newton labels.


Newton labels are available in 11.6 inches sizes and can accommodate up to 7 pages, making them good digital signage for fitness centers to replace paper posters. Instead of pinning the walls with different paper posters for schedules and announcements, gym owners could display those details using the 7-page feature of digital labels. Digital signage for gyms could show patrons the fitness instructors’ schedules, class schedules, event or new facility announcements, and promote membership discounts.


Aside from providing gym-goers with a more modern and upscale experience of getting information, digital labels can also help fitness centers with customer retention by displaying testimonials of several satisfied long-time gym members.

fitness app made for gym

fitness app made for gym

Smart Gym Equipment

One of the main reasons people go to the gym is their need to access fitness equipment not available in their own homes. So why not provide them with cutting-edge equipment and not just meet their needs but go beyond their needs?


Smart gym equipment like smart treadmills and smart stationary bikes offer various digital features that will surely amaze new and regular gym-goers. Such features include showing the user’s vital signs in real-time as they jog on the treadmill or pedal the bike, just like smart fitness watches do. Other features include Netflix-enabled screens and screens where the user can watch workout videos.

Online Classes

Flexibility is part of being a modernized fitness center. Some gyms already showcase their flexibility by offering a few nighttime open hours, while others shifted to full-on 24/7 availability to cater to busy customers. And with the surge of the pandemic in 2020, some fitness centers even made their trainers and instructors available for online classes so members and trainers wouldn’t have to go outside.


Online coaching is one of the new fitness trends today that benefits both gym-goers and gym staff. With online classes, gym members can continue the initial workout schedules with their coaches at the comfort of their own homes.

Virtual Reality

Another way for gym owners to level up the game is by taking online classes up a notch and offering Virtual Reality (VR) coaching. Just like online classes, VR coaching allows gym instructors and members to interact without being physically together. 


However, what separates VR from regular online classes is how VR fitness training can give a more dimensional experience, much like VR games. Fitness buffs need to wear VR glasses and other VR accessories to sync their real-life movements with their in-game activities, giving them a wholly different and high-technology experience.

Client Mobile App

Several fitness mobile applications to help fitness enthusiasts monitor their physical health and progress already do exist. Still, having a mobile fitness app specifically made for gym members and trainers can do a lot more for everyone’s convenience.

Upscale gyms and fitness centers already have their own client mobile applications that function as a combined version of a fitness tracker and the gym’s official website. With that kind of mobile app, gym members can adjust their workout schedules and trainers can update their availability with just a few taps on their phones. Moreover, like digital signage for gyms, having its mobile client app allows a fitness center to notify users about promos, discounts, and announcements.


The future is here and now. Technological advancement is no longer gradual but coming hard and fast, a sign for businesses and institutions to adapt quickly or risk getting left behind.


Contact us today so we can discuss how SOLUM digital signage for gyms can modernize your gym or fitness center and create a technologically advanced workout space for your members, trainers, and staff.

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