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Aims 101: Get to Know the Aims Label Management System

Aims is unlike any other label management system. When used on SOLUM ESLs, Aims can provide an unparalleled centralized business operation.

Electronic shelf labels, or ESL, are a good way to start digitizing retail operations and bring brands, big or small, to the modern world. SOLUM ESL, with the newest and most robust technology, can replace the traditional paper price tags in retail stores. But before businesses can utilize this innovative ESL hardware, they need dynamic ESL software. They need a stellar label management system; they need Aims for their SOLUM ESL.

What is Aims?

Aims, or Advanced Information Management System, is the label management system developed exclusively for SOLUM digital labels. This includes the Newton, Newton X, Newton LITE, Newton Color, and Newton Sub-Giga.


Aims allows users (retailers, warehouse administrators, and other workers) to have a single workspace, where they can manage everything for their electronic shelf labels. Individual labels, products, inventory levels, users, and data can all be found, checked, modified, and leveraged to streamline the operations of a business.


Aims has capabilities that make it easier for retailers to empower their staff and maximize every feature of the electronic shelf labels. There’s the Aims Dashboard, where users can find products, view inventory levels, manage other user profiles, and create system reports. Meanwhile, the Aims Layout Designer is a user-friendly layout designer tool that allows users to design the ESLs so they can fit the products to be sold or match the store’s branding. The Aims Manager application, on the other hand, is where staff can manage the digital labels with just a few clicks. Aims can also be easily integrated with preexisting IT solutions or third-party solutions. And of course, Aims boasts excellent data security protocols.


Aims is a game-changer as a label management system and will only continue to transform businesses and retail operations as modernization becomes a necessity for many.

What is a label management system?

A label management system is a software solution designed to streamline and simplify the management of electronic shelf labels in retail stores or other businesses, including the pricing and product information displayed. With a label management system in place, retailers can update the pricing of hundreds of price labels, product information, and promotions more efficiently and accurately.


It’s also important to understand that a great label management system is also capable of more functionalities. It can create reports, let staff check inventory levels, scale workflows, and more. Overall, the label management system will ultimately help a business with its daily operations. And that is what Aims can achieve for businesses with SOLUM digital labels.

What can retailers do with Aims?

the Aims Dashboard, Aims Manager, Aims Layout Designer, Aims Security, and more, retailers can reap the benefits and potential of SOLUM ESL.


Here are the key functions and features of Aims as the SOLUM label management system:


  1. Price and Information Updates: Aims allows retailers to update prices, product descriptions, and other relevant information for individual products or groups of products. These updates can be made in real-time or for specific promotional periods and events, ensuring that the information displayed on the ESLs is always accurate.
  2. Centralized Control: The system provides centralized control over all ESLs in a store or across multiple store locations. With the AIms Dashboard, retailers can manage millions of electronic shelf labels from a single interface, as well as get an entire overview of the ESL system in place. This makes it easier to maintain consistency and accuracy for retail brands.
  3. Customization: Retailers can often customize the appearance and layout of the digital labels with the Aims Layout Designer. These eye-catching design templates can match their brand and provide a consistent in-store experience for shoppers.
  4. Daily ESL Management: Aims also has the Aims Manager, which allows the retail staff to quickly accomplish daily ESL tasks on any device. This includes assigning and unassigning labels, checking label information, configuring the label’s page flipping, order picking, LED blinking, and more.
  5. Integration: Aims can integrate seamlessly with a retailer's existing infrastructure. This ensures that ESLs accurately reflect the most up-to-date information from other parts of the business. Aims API also makes it possible for businesses to integrate custom applications so retailers can improve operational efficiency and customer experience.
  6. Error Reduction: By digitizing the process of label updates, Aims helps reduce the risk of human errors that can occur with manual label changes. This can improve pricing accuracy and reduce discrepancies between the shelf and the checkout.
  7. Analytics and Reporting: Aims can provide analytics and reporting capabilities, allowing retailers to track the performance of different pricing strategies and promotions. This data can help in making informed decisions for optimizing sales and profits for retailers.
  8. Security and Compliance: Aims comes with state-of-the-art encryption and data security features to protect against unauthorized access and ensure that business data is protected.
  9. Scalability: Aims can be scaled to accommodate the needs of small, single-location stores or large retail chains with multiple outlets.

Is Aims compatible with other digital labels?

Aims is specifically made for SOLUM labels. This means that, unfortunately, Aims can only be used for SOLUM ESLs. Aims can be used to manage various SOLUM labels, including Newton, Newton X, Newton LITE, Newton Color, and Newton Sub-Giga.


Retailers in the food industry, home and lifestyle niche, fashion industry, warehouse and industrial settings, and other business services can use SOLUM digital labels with Aims as the label management system.

Can SOLUM digital labels run without Aims?

Yes, SOLUM digital labels have some of the best state-of-the-art technology that makes them compatible with label management software other than Aims. However, using Aims is highly recommended as it is programmed to bring SOLUM ESLs to their full potential, ensuring success for every business.

Different Aims Subscriptions

Fortunately, Aims comes in various options for those who have SOLUM labels. Businesses of any size, industry, or setting can have a pick of what Aims variation will work best for their operations. Choose among the options SaaS, Cloud, Site, and Link.


Aims SaaS

With Aims SaaS, businesses only need to pay the subscription fee for the software solution. There is no need to install or configure individual machines and maintain data centers. Aims SaaS can immediately be used, giving value and saving costs for businesses. Using Aims SaaS also means the server is automatically scaled. There is no waste or loss of resources, either. This makes Aims SaaS an agile way to transform businesses with ESL.


Aims Cloud

Aims Cloud runs from a business’s own data center, even with multiple retail stores, and has a secured server. Aims Cloud makes it easy for the business to accommodate more tasks by scaling the web server and balancing loads. Businesses can also rely on Aims Cloud Security for data recovery, backup, warning and status reporting, user authentication, and disaster recovery. This load-balancing and high availability architecture makes it a stable and high-performing solution.


Aims Site

Aims Site, on the other hand, involves an on-site server, allowing businesses to manage and control their own data without depending on the internet. Manually inputting data into a physical, on-site server also means better data security for the business. Aims Site is a good long-term solution for a lot of businesses as well, as it offers customizations, third-party integrations, complete features, and more.


Aims Link

And of course, Aims Link is a mobile-deployed software developed especially for the SOLUM labels Newton Link. Newton Link, unlike other Newton labels, has Bluetooth capability. Aims Link app can connect to these digital labels because of Bluetooth connectivity. This Aims variation is made for quick deployment and individual label management.

Devices where retailers can install Aims

Aims can be installed on a variety of devices, making sure that retail staff will be able to manage labels wherever they are at any given time. Aims can be installed on laptops and desktops in retail and administrative settings. Aims Manager can also be installed on PDA (personal digital assistant) devices. Meanwhile, Aims Link can be installed on smartphones since it’s made for mobile devices.


This kind of versatility and flexibility will be beneficial for a lot of staff managing operations, as well as floor staff doing tasks in different parts of a store or a warehouse throughout the day.

Is Aims worth it?

To put it simply, yes, Aims is worth it. Aims is the key to successful ESL management, which will ultimately impact a business’s entire operations. With the multiple possibilities a retailer can achieve with Aims, they will be able to find solutions to retail problems, provide a better experience for both customers and staff, increase profit, and digitize the whole retail operation. Aims can bring immense value to retailers. This is one worthy investment that will catapult retail businesses into the forefront of their respective industries.


If you’d like to know more about Aims or get started with empowering your retail operations with digital labels, talk to SOLUM experts now!

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