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INFOGRAPHIC: Businesses that can Benefit from Newton ESL's Location-based Services

Newton’s location based services (LBS) capability can speed up your business workflows and boost customer-oriented activities, no matter what type of business you have.

Solum Infographic: Newton ESL’s Location-Based Services

Solum Infographic: Newton ESL’s Location-Based Services

SOLUM’s Newton ESL offers location based services (LBS) and geo-data technology that allows managers and staff to track the locations of shelves installed with ESL. Such features could be a big advantage for various businesses from different industries.

Warehouses & Distribution Centers

Newton ESL LBS can point the staff in the right direction of the shelf where the package is located so they will not get lost among the several aisles of racks in the large facility.

Supermarkets & Groceries

Newton’s LBS combined with its shelf life management feature can help staff locate shelves that have products that are nearly expired or already expired.

Department Store

Newton's LBS can also provide an overview of the ESL locations for each department store floor, so store managers and staff can see where the discounted items and new arrivals are located.


Hospitals can integrate Newton's LBS feature with their existing system and have a bird’s eye view of the status and locations of all the rooms installed with Newton ESL.

Factories & Manufacturing Facilities

Using Newton’s LBS feature means your staff will be able to plan their route across your factory or manufacturing facility ahead of time, allowing them to maximize their movement, resulting in even greater productivity. 

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