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Different Ways Digital Labels can Help Upgrade Airports

Airports with modern and advanced technology like airport digital signage can help improve passenger experience and level up the facilities.

The world is inching closer to a much more digitized era. Groceries and warehouses are now using electronic shelf labels (ESL), and if the retail industry can utilize them, then maybe the tourism and hospitality industry can benefit. After all, there are some ways digital labels can help upgrade airports.

Electronic Shelf Labels in Airport Stores

More and more retailers are choosing ESL, and there are many reasons why the ESL market is growing at a fast rate. For one, digital labels improve operation efficiency and employee workflow in retail shops and groceries. Airport convenience stores and souvenir shops can experience those benefits after installing digital labels on their shelves in place of paper labels. 


What’s more, the presence of ESL and digital price tags can make the shelves more appealing to customers and give airport stores a sleek, upscale aura.

SOLUM Digital Airport Signage

SOLUM Digital Airport Signage

Airport Digital Signage at Various Entrances

Speaking of upscale, another way to upgrade airport facilities with digital labels is by using them as airport digital signage. Large-sized digital signage can be placed at airport entrances such as boarding gates, VIP lounges, and the main entrance.


If entrance signages are digital, they could do more than just display the area’s name. For example, with SOLUM Newton labels’ 7-page feature, airports could program the first page to bear the gate number, the second page to display “Welcome!”, and the third page to show boarding announcements.

Digital Screens for Information & Entertainment

Airport’s digital signage can go beyond showing airport details, too. Another reason to switch to electronic shelf labels is entertainment. They can entertain passengers waiting for their flights by playing motion-graphic advertisements or flight safety tips. At the same time, they can be used for information by having a separate page showing the area’s taxi, bus, and train schedules.


From the architectural design to its facilities, operations’ efficiency, and service offers, every part and every aspect of an airport contributes to its success. If you want to ensure your airport’s success, contact us today to discuss how SOLUM ESL can help you!

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