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Digital Price Labels Can Make Better Bakery Services

Digital price labels have features that can elevate the customer experience in bakeries and bakeshops.

Aside from producing quality baked goods, bakery managers and staff also need to provide patrons with quality customer service that will encourage their brand loyalty to the bakery. Of course, this can be done by ensuring that the bakeshop is always clean, the interior design is inviting, and the staff is always polite.


But what if you were told that digital price labels can also make better bakery services compared to paper labels?

Show the latest prices

By using digital price labels like SOLUM’s Newton label, your bakery’s prices will always be up to date. Unlike paper shelf labels that need constant manual replacement every time there is a price change, digital price labels can be updated digitally with the use of a computer and a central server. This way, you can ensure that the customers are not seeing yesterday’s prices for yesterday’s baked goods.

Display more information about the baked goods

Another reason why digital price labels can make better bakery services is their fully graphic e-paper screen. These e-paper screens can display very clear text even if the font size is small. With this feature, you can display more than just the pastry’s name and price. You can include the major ingredients in the screen so your customers can avoid the baked goods that contain ingredients they may be allergic to.

Make the experience interactive

The bakery staff could be very busy during the peak hours of the day, and may not be able to notice that some trays need to be refilled with new batches of baked goods. Digital price labels can solve this problem. Some digital price labels like Newton are built with configurable buttons. Bakery owners or managers can program these buttons to send a refill alert whenever a customer presses the button. This way, customers can inform the staff when a tray or shelf needs restocking.


With the capability to keep your price labels up to date, display more product information, and allow customers to have an interactive experience, your bakery or bakeshop will provide a better service than before. And if you are using a display shelf that releases heat to keep the bread warm or releases cool air to keep the cakes from melting, you can still use digital price labels like Newton labels because they are capable of withstanding 0-40 degrees Celsius (32-104 degrees Fahrenheit) temperatures.


To learn more about how our digital price labels can make better bakery services and improve your bakery or bakeshop operations, contact us today!

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