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Eco-friendly: How Newton's 10-year Battery Life Helps in Saving Planet Earth

SOLUM’s Newton Electronic Shelf Labels have a 10-year battery life to provide a more eco-friendly and sustainable solution to business operations.

Environmental issues Planet Earth is facing

According to an article published by Unity College in Maine, USA, the top environmental issues our planet is having include pollution, deforestation, global warming, and depletion of natural resources. 


Pollution alone on its own is very alarming, considering that there are seven key types of pollution: air, water, soil, noise, radioactive, light, and thermal. Among these, air, water, soil, and radioactive play a large role in perpetuating global warming and the loss of biodiversity. They also lead to loss of human life, as air pollution is reported to cause 2.4 million people to die every year according to World Health Organization.


More broadly, an analysis published in the science journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that the sixth mass extinction of Earth wildlife is accelerating, with more than 500 species of land animals on the brink of extinction.


If these environmental problems continue to rise, we may not have a planet to call home in the near future. We need to turn to more eco-friendly and sustainable ways of living.

Environmental problems caused by short-lived batteries

Environmental issues are caused by several factors ranging from the tiniest act of environmental irresponsibility done by one individual to the large chemical waste and carbon footprints that massive factories produce on a daily basis. 


One example of a seemingly small thing that actually has a large negative impact on the environment is using short-lived batteries. 


Every year, consumers dispose of large quantities of batteries of different kinds, with each of those batteries containing hazardous chemicals that can cause ecotoxicity when they are not properly disposed of. All types of batteries—dry-cell, lithium, alkaline, rechargeable, disposable—release toxic substances into the soil and water that can kill land and sea creatures that are essential for the ecosystem to function. At this point, even rechargeable batteries may no longer be as eco-friendly as they initially were.


Additionally, the manufacturing, transportation, and distribution of batteries contribute to the increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, thereby intensifying the greenhouse effect and global warming.

 Wide angle shot white smoke coming out nuclear plants

Wide angle shot white smoke coming out nuclear plants

How Newton’s 10-year battery life can help save Planet Earth

While other electronic shelf labels (ESL) are powered by short-lived batteries that need to be replaced and disposed of every 2-4 years, SOLUM’s Newton ESL has a more eco-friendly power system.


Newton ESL’s battery has an estimated 10-year life span. This feature not only helps our clients save operation costs but also helps save planet Earth.


When ESL batteries are as short-lived as our competitors’, it means that their clients need to replace hundreds of their labels’ batteries every 2-4 years. Imagine how costly it is for business owners to buy hundreds of battery replacements every 2 years. And imagine how heavy it is for the environment to receive hundreds of disposed-of batteries every other year.


With Newton Electronic Shelf Labels, the label batteries won’t need any replacing for at least 10 years. That means fewer toxic chemicals in landfills. And because the store, grocery, hotel, hospital, or factory using the ESL do not need to rely on electricity to power the labels, the 10-year battery life reduces energy consumption, saving your company money and reducing greenhouse gas emissions which contribute to climate change.


By choosing Newton ESL with 10-year battery life, you are not only using an eco-friendly electronic shelf label: you are choosing to be an eco-friendly company. 


Here at SOLUM, our goal is to help businesses advance while also being better for the planet. We prioritize providing sustainable solutions just as much as we value pioneering technological innovations.


If you’d like to hear more about how we can help make your business better for the planet, contact us today.

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