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ESL and Other Best Toy Marketing Campaigns for Stores

Electronic shelf labels could be one of the best toy marketing campaigns for your toy store and boost your sales due to their technologically advanced digital features.

Toys may usually be targeted toward children, but that doesn’t mean adults aren’t also part of the target market. There are parents, kids at heart, collectors, and online gamers that help move the toy industry. Actually, according to the NPD Group and the Toy Association, statistics show that over half of adults purchase toys and games for themselves. 


This is all the more reason toy stores should diversify their marketing efforts; to reach a wider audience, connect with the crowd, and convert customers. Take a look at some of the best toy marketing campaigns and strategies for toy stores right now—from electronic shelf labels (ESL) to unboxings and demos, and in-store events.

Electronic shelf labels for toy stores

Electronic shelf labels can be used as part of the overall marketing strategy of toy retailers. Labels like the SOLUM Newton ESL boast features that will help promote various toys and games. This includes the fastest update speed in the market, custom brand designs, and patterns, multifunctional LED light indication, 7-page information capacity, and full graphic e-ink display. All of these can help boost overall sales and strengthen toy store operations. 


Here’s how they can use digital labels in marketing:

  • Show daily promotions
  • Show seasonal offers and discounts
  • Highlight specific product details and instructions
  • Accurate and fast price change between in-store shelves, cashiers, and e-commerce store
  • Call for customer service
  • Low stock indication
  • Advocate sustainability throughout the store

Online videos

In today’s day and age, video marketing is worth trying. Short-form video marketing, for example, is now on the rise thanks to mobile apps such as TikTok and Instagram Reels. This is now one of the best toy marketing campaigns that toy stores can utilize. Incorporating a few short videos into their online advertising efforts can attract new audiences and customers. 


According to Wyzowl, 95% of marketers say video marketing has helped them increase brand awareness and 90% report that this has helped them generate leads. Meanwhile, 89% of people say watching a video has convinced them to buy a product or service. Toy stores can capitalize on these by creating short online videos they can share on their chosen platform.

Charity drives

Toy-based charities and donation drives are also good strategies for toy stores. From a marketing standpoint, these can help toy stores get traction and improve brand loyalty. However, from another standpoint, it’s also a great idea to give back to the community and help those in need. Toy stores can support or partner with various children's charities, hospitals, or other organizations dedicated to helping marginalized children and families.

Toy and game overviews, unboxings, and demos

Toy stores can also take advantage of overviews, unboxings, and demos. As powerful as videos are online, these kinds of videos can also be beneficial in-store. Not only will this help encourage people to buy certain products, but it will also help build excitement. 

Leveraging micro-influencers or affiliates is also one of the best toy marketing campaigns in this age. Stores can send new toys and games to well-known gamers, collectors, and streamers in advance. This is in exchange for a quick product review, demo feature, or unboxing on their platforms. In turn, hundreds and thousands of viewers and fans will get the chance to see more of the new product and anticipate its release. This will result in a boost in brand exposure and prospects, which can be converted into customers. In fact, during the pandemic, unboxing videos of products help brand boost their sales online.

In-store events

Events, of course, will help drive engagement and sales when it comes to toy stores. These in-store events can range from game nights to giveaways, unboxing events, rare collections, family contests and activities, themed sales, and get-togethers, as well as seasonal events and in-store promos. These events will increase foot traffic in toy stores and increase brand awareness overall. 


Marketing campaigns for toy stores can be wholesome and effective at the same time. Just make sure to be smart and creative as you develop more ways to market your store and products. 


To start bringing ESL solutions to your toy stores. Talk to SOLUM today. 

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