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Fast Facts About Newton 4-Color & 7-Color

Have a quick overview of Newton 4-Color & 7-Color: the Electronic Shelf Labels that will bring color and life to your shelves.


The Newton 4-Color Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) displays four colors such as Black, White, Red, and Yellow. Meanwhile, the Newton 7-Color ESL can display up to seven colors including Black, White, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, and Orange for a much more vivid experience.

Models & Sizes

The Newton 4-Color ESL models are available in 1.64”, 2.4”, 3.0”, 4.4” and 8.2” sizes, while the Newton 7-Color ESL is only available in the 6.0” size.

Newton Features

Both the Newton 4-Color and Newton 7-Color ESLs have the Newton features that include the 10x communication speed for updating labels, the Near-Frequency Communication or NFC-Tapping capability, and Location-Based Services or LBS.

Physical Features

Aside from the features usually found in Newton-powered ESLs, the Newton 4-Color and 7-Color are also built with a fully-graphic, 7-paged, e-paper display with high resolution for clearer text and images. Their models also have 2 programmable buttons and a 7-colored LED indicators so they can be used for interactive purposes.


Both the Newton 4-Color and the Newton 7-Color ESLs have the durability to withstand obstacles that digital labels may encounter on a day-to-day basis. They have a waterproof grade of IP67 which also means that they can go underwater up to a certain limit and are shockproof and dustproof to an extent. Their operating temperatures are 0-40° C or 32-104° F so they can operate in both heat and cold environments. And their battery life is a good 5 years, which is better than other ESLs in the market that can only last 2 years.

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