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How Camera Stores can Create an Impressive Showroom

Using e-paper labels instead of cardboard to show camera specifications can create an impressive showroom for camera retail stores.

Showrooms are not just places for retailers to showcase their featured products—they also stand as a branding statement. The way a showroom is staged must impress customers and ensure them that the store offers nothing less than quality products and quality service.


These showrooms can be seen in camera stores. More often than not, camera store showrooms are set up with enclosed glass shelves displaying their latest or most recommended cameras and lenses. So how can camera retailers create a unique showroom that would impress their customers?

Option 1: Set a theme that relates to the store’s branding

Creating a themed showroom can make the camera retail store atmosphere more appealing, but having a showroom with a theme that relates to the brand creates appeal and a cohesive flow from the store’s decor. For example, if the camera store’s visual branding is post-modern, a sci-fi theme would look more in line and compatible with the store’s interior design.

Option 2: Use e-paper labels

E-paper labels like Newton lite ESL are a good alternative to traditional paper shelf labels. They are made with e-paper screens that can display fully-graphic texts and images that can be customized to match the store’s branding. Also, their capability to show more product specifications than paper shelf labels can impress shoppers and elevate the customer experience. In fact, a camera retail store in Spain, Foto Ruano, has decided to use e-paper labels in their showroom.

Option 3: Display photo printouts

Another way to impress customers looking for a camera is by displaying printout photos beside the camera models that took them. The unedited photos can show potential buyers what they could expect when they decide to purchase a certain product. Photo printouts could also be very helpful to illustrate how much distance different zoom lenses can cover. Moreover, the photo printouts beside the zoom lenses can prevent customers from expecting how far the scopes can reach.


If you have more questions about how e-paper labels can help you improve the showroom of your camera store, you can also contact SOLUM today for inquiries!

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