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How Can Electronic Shelf Labels Simplify Manual Processes?

To keep things cost-effective and streamlined, many retailers have begun to gradually transition to digital processes.

In this day and age, digital solutions are becoming more efficient than manual methods. This change can clearly be seen in both private and public sectors across the globe, including the retail industry. To keep things cost-effective and streamlined, many retailers have begun to gradually transition to digital processes.


Naturally, this is not an instantaneous process and often needs to be done in different phases. This can be a good thing, especially for small and medium retailers that are only at the beginning of their transformation. They are able to take small steps going toward this goal. While there are many places to begin their journey, it is often easy to incorporate the use of electronic shelf labels or ESLs as their first step or next move.

Omnichannel Synchronicity

In the digital age, customers now have more than one way to shop. Aside from having physical stores, many retailers also have an online store that customers can also purchase from. However, managing multiple shopping channels can be difficult to do manually. It may be too much for one person to do and the data may be less than accurate as well. Installing ESLs can help retailers keep track of their store channels because all the information is logged and updated for them. This forms something called an omnichannel, where every shopping method converges into one place.


So whether stock levels are low on the online store or a new shipment has arrived at one of their physical stores, this data will be transmitted to the system by the ESLs. That way, any information about what’s happening across a retailer’s shopping network can be accessed conveniently in one place. 

More Efficient Customer Service

The reality is, not every shopper in a physical store wants or needs assistance from the staff. How retail managers can improve customers’ experience while optimizing their workforce is through the use of ESLs. Through the display screen, customers can learn more about the product from the shelf edge, they just need to read what’s on it. Moreover, ESLs also have NFC capabilities, which enables mobile payments at the retail store.


Should customers want assistance, they can tap the screen or press a button on the ESL to alert one of the staff to assist them. This way, staff can focus on important tasks at the moment while providing stellar customer service.

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Better Inventory Management

Traditionally, the task of inventory management usually goes to one person or a group of people. Their main job involves manually counting each item on the sales floor and stockroom.  The information is then written on a logbook or recorded on a laptop and must be updated each time there are changes in inventory. However, continuing to go about tasks this way without the use of digital solutions is steadily becoming inefficient. 


Using electronic shelf labels can help immensely because it can keep track of stock levels, record the data, and automatically update the records when changes are made. While employees may still need to do some counting and basic arithmetic, they can leave the tracking to the electronic shelf label. They can easily input the information on the ESL and keep an eye on the numbers on the system. 

Automate Your Business Operations With SOLUM

Going digital won’t happen overnight, but SOLUM can help make the process as smooth and as seamless as possible. We have been an industry leader when it comes to providing electronic shelf labels, just like Newton TOUCH. SOLUM has been helping retailers of all sizes automate their business since 2007. For more information about our products, contact us or visit our website today.

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