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How can Shelf Tags Help Bookstores Enhance Customer Engagement?

Digital shelf tags are helpful in displaying book prices, showing author information, and implementing targeted advertising.

Picking the right book or any item in a bookstore can be a tedious task for some shoppers. Bookstore owners can enhance the customer experience and improve engagement using shelf tags like SOLUM electronic shelf labels


The shelf tag displays can be done in an aesthetic fashion to entice buyers.


This article will discuss the three ways digital shelf tags can help bookstores enhance customer engagement:


  • By showing accurate pricing
  • By showing the author information
  • By improving targeted advertising
  • By optimizing the online business presence

By Showing Accurate Pricing

One of the vital information book buyers will look for is the price. Making it visible using electronic shelf labels will help shoppers make a purchasing decision. What’s good is this can be updated from a remote server if price changes are immediately needed.


Showing accurate pricing is a good way to engage customers and enticing interest in buying the book, while incorrect pricing can drive customers away.

By Showing the Author Information

Chances are book lovers will purchase a work done by their favorite author. Along with the price, bookstores can show author information to guide shoppers who are looking for works of specific authors. This feature is called Information Sharing and is present in SOLUM labels. This will help increase the chances of sales for your bookstore. 

By Improving Targeted Advertising

Book store managers can also implement a promotion to target a specific audience. A bookstore can offer discounts on books of a certain author to grab the attention of that writer’s fanbase. Customer will then be on the lookout for promos for their favorite author if this is done on a regualr basis.

By Optimizing the Online Business Presence

Installing digital shelf tags into the bookstore will enable omnichannel operations. Because the book stock information in the central server will now be easily connected to the bookstore’s online shop, it will now be easier to monitor in-store and online sales in real-time. Having an optimized online business presence can enhance customer engagement.


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