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Make Daycares Safer with Digital Labels

Digital labels can make daycares safer by digitizing list names per room, making warning signs for kids, visual instructions, and more.

The daycare is a place where several little children run around daily, making it challenging to keep every kid safe, despite the best efforts of both management and staff. In fact, according to one JAMA Pediatrics article, in child care centers, toddlers have higher injury rates compared to other ages. Meanwhile, other articles cited slips, falls, incorrect medication, and child neglect as some of the dangerous incidents that can happen in daycare centers.


Luckily, by upgrading the daycare facilities with digital labels and other safety measures, the risks mentioned above can be reduced. 

Have a centralized list of students per room

Digital labels have different sizes for different uses. For example, Newton digital labels have available sizes for room labeling. They are big enough to show the daycare room’s room number or room name, and even have a multi-page feature that can display the list of children’s names in that room as well as the daycare staff assigned to them.


Not only that, the list of children’s names shown in each daycare room label comes from the central server. Hence, every child in the daycare system automatically gets their name listed in their assigned rooms’ digital label, which is a big upgrade from the traditional clipboard. Clipboards bearing the children’s names are usually attached to the wall by the door and are updated manually, which is prone to update neglect, which may lead to some children’s names not being listed. This may result in the staff forgetting one or some of the children supposedly under their care.

Make warning signs that light up in the dark

Usually, warning signs are made of bright, neon, or reflectorized colors so they can shine in the dark during emergencies that make facilities dim, like power outages indoors. However, these types of warning signs won’t be visible or reflective unless you shine a flashlight on them.


This is where digital labels have the upper hand. Digital labels are powered by a battery and not by the electricity of the building or place they are in. Hence, warning signs—both images and texts—when displayed by digital labels, will be easily visible in the dark even when the daycare facility’s lights are out. This reduces the chances of risks during emergencies, keeping both staff and children safe.

Store medications properly with digital labels

Some daycares have a clinic or a nurse’s station that keeps, monitors, and administers any existing scheduled medication for children with health conditions. As mentioned, incorrect medication is one of the possible accidents that commonly happen in daycare centers. This can be caused by using paper shelf labels on the medicine shelves; paper labels that fade in time had to be updated manually, and are subject to human error. 


With digital labels as medicine shelf labels, new medication data entered in the main server can automatically replace the old ones displayed. Digital labels also do not fade, ensuring clear data display, reducing misreadings, and hence,  keeping children safe from receiving incorrect medication.


Ensure the safety of the children under the care of your business with SOLUM digital labels. Want to start on something lighter first as your small business’s first step to its digital label journey? Check out Newton LITE, or contact us today for further discussion!

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