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What Are The Types of Information Electronic Shelf Labels Can Display?

Newton uses e-ink to feature clear fonts and colors, bringing more life to product details.

Once you decide to switch to SOLUM Electronic Shelf Labels, you must know—there is more to show than just a product's name and price. Our digital labels are now backed-up by the all-new Newton system, making our shelf labeling solutions more interactive, elevating businesses' capabilities of exploring new ways to get customers' attention and inform employees about updates and instructions.

Newton uses e-ink to feature clear fonts and colors, bringing more life to product details. Here are five relevant types of information that Newton can display other than the price.

Product Specification

Informed customers may mean more sales for you.

Newton can display all the specifications that your customers must know about your products. 

Showing those details to your customers makes them realize why your products fit their needs, improving customer satisfaction, and increasing your sales.

QR Codes

Out-of-stock situations increase sales loss chances, but Newton expands your sales opportunities even if items run out in-store.

Newton can show QR codes that customers can use to order the unavailable products in-store. Once they scan the QR code, they will be redirected to the store's website or app to make a purchase—that easy!

Delivery Status

Manually tracking your orders and deliveries can cause delays to your whole order fulfillment process for committing human errors. 

Newton can create a system that will help prevent accidents and mistakes in delivery. It can display order numbers and delivery store information on the tray to be delivered from distribution centers to stores, ensuring you achieve customer satisfaction.

Inventory Status

Newton lets customers check the stock of shoes or clothes and ask the store staff for the product, increasing staff efficiency and customer satisfaction through active information acquisition.

It also lets staff list the remaining inventory status of goods or parts once they run low in stock to avoid stockouts so that they can order immediately.

Manufacturing Work Instructions

Users can flip Newton up to 7 pages so that you can show all the operating instructions in a detailed manner on the manufacturing line, increasing worker efficiency.

The manufacturing item instructions and manufacturing process can fit on one display, which means no more need for printed material.

Newton comes with a brilliant design and a wide range of sizes to match your store's needs. Its screen resolution got upgraded by 20%. Now, its display is crisper and more precise, with 184dpi for our 1.6" display and 145dpi for our 2.9".

The displays require minimal power to operate, with small, long-lasting batteries that deliver optimal performance for up to five years.


For more information on Newton's information-sharing features, contact us today or visit our website at

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