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Newton LITE: What Makes it Ideal for Small Businesses

Newton LITE is the ideal ESL for small businesses looking for more compact and easy-to-use high-performance digital labels.

The financial investment it takes to install electronic shelf labels (ESL) may have created an impression that stores under retail chains or big corporations are the only ones that can avail of such a highly advanced ESL. This issue has come to SOLUM’s attention, and that is one of the many reasons why the Newton LITE was built and designed.

Newton LITE was designed to be:

  • Easier to use than Newton
  • More affordable than Newton
  • Still better than other ESL brands in the market

Easier to use than Newton

As Newton is one of the most advanced breeds of ESL in the market, owners of small businesses might find its features overwhelming or have functions that they don’t think their stores will need. Hence, SOLUM trimmed down Newton LITE features and functions without compromising what makes SOLUM ESL products stand out from other brands.

Newton’s two programmable buttons are not included in Newton LITE so small to medium-scale entrepreneurs could operate it easier by using an optional Near-Frequency Communication or NFC Remote Controller to switch from one page to another. It also has a slimmer protection cover that is easier to clean, as well as a unique shelf security mechanism that makes it quicker to install.

More affordable than Newton

Another reason why Newton LITE is built is to provide curious retailers with a much more affordable way of testing the waters if going ESL is really for their small business. This enables entrepreneurs to lower their investment risk once they decide to avail and install ESL in their stores.


Having Newton LITE in the market also provides business owners with a new option that is better than digital labels from other brands, which have the same price as Newton LITE but have lower performance. 

Still better than other brands in the market

Although Newton LITE does not have Newton’s configurable buttons and 10-year battery life, it is still ahead of most competitors. For one, Newton LITE can do more than just display and update prices—it can be used for advertising and brand awareness.


Newton LITE is built with a sticker bezel that allows customized printed stickers to cover the space around the label’s screen. Small businesses can take advantage of this feature by using it for their own brand awareness campaigns, or by using it to advertise the brands their stores offer to increase chances of revenue.


Additionally, Newton LITE has a 7-page display, and 7-color LED and is powered by the same system that runs Newton, giving Newton LITE a data communication speed that is faster than other ESL brands.


Are you a small-to-medium-scale entrepreneur who would like to take the first step in their ESL journey? Contact us so we can discuss the matter further!

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