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Smart Shelving Storage Solutions for Restaurants

Smart shelving storage solutions through the use of Electronic Shelf Labels may just be the solution for restaurants with pantry problems.

According to Deskera, inventory wastage and demand forecasting are two of the top problems of most restaurants. In fact, in the United States alone, wasted food costs the restaurant industry an estimated $162 billion per year, according to the US Department of Agriculture.


Fortunately, restaurants can install SOLUM Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) in their pantries to create smart shelving storage solutions.

Problem #1: Unorganized Shelving

Solution: By installing ESLs on the shelves of pantry racks, the kitchen staff would have a more organized way of shelving kitchen items and ingredients. The e-paper screen of the ESL can digitally display the names of the items that should be placed on a certain shelf so that the staff will know which item goes where. This smart shelving system makes finding and storing kitchen items and ingredients easier, which in turn makes kitchen operations faster. 

Problem #2: Ingredient Wastage

Solution: It’s hard to keep track of all the expiration dates of all ingredients stored in the pantry, and this becomes a problem when the restaurant would have to get rid of an ingredient just because it was expired before the cooks were able to use it. Good thing SOLUM’s electronic shelf labels have a shelf-life management system feature that enables restaurants to develop smart shelving storage solutions. This feature allows the ESL to display the expiration of the ingredients placed on the pantry shelf so the kitchen staff can easily see which ingredients should be used first to avoid ingredient wastage.

Problem #3: Uncoordinated Inventory Management

Solution: Using Newton Label as shelf labels in the pantry can help make inventory management easier since ESLs are connected to one central server and can be integrated into the restaurant’s digital inventory list. Through this, the stock in the pantry and the digital inventory list will always be in sync. Additionally, the newton label can display the actual number of stocks remaining, making demand forecasting more accurate than before.


Smart shelving storage solutions for restaurant pantries are not hard to achieve when they can rely on electronic shelf labels. For more information on our ESLs, contact us today!

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