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3 Smart Ways Digital Labels Can Save Convenience Store Working Hours

Convenience stores offer an array of various goods on their shelves. With digital labels, managing those goods would be faster and more efficient.

Most convenience stores offer gas and fast food aside from the various items and food for sale inside the shop. This means convenience store managers and staff need to mind the goods (including the gas), ring up the customers in the cashier, organize the inventory, restock the shelves, and even clean the store—all within eight hours or else they would need to work overtime.


And overtime is very not ideal as it can cause employee burnout and increase operating costs.


Luckily, there are ways for convenience store managers and staff to save working hours—such as using digital labels.

Manage Shelf Inventory Easier

Manual shelf inventory management requires staff to walk around the store and scan every low-stock item, shelf by shelf. But with Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) that feature more than the typical clear product information display and dynamic pricing, convenience store clerks can have an automated shelf inventory management


SOLUM’s Newton digital labels eliminate the need for a time-consuming inventory process and allow staff to multitask. When your staff encounters an empty shelf, they can press a button even while performing other tasks, and the central server will be notified of the replenishment request. This eliminates the need for a designated inventory checker or schedule, increasing overall work efficiency.

Update Product Price Faster

Traditional paper shelf labels are hard copy, and once the product information is printed on them, they cannot be edited or changed when necessary.


ESLs are built with e-paper displays that show product details with e-ink or letters digitally written. Hence, if there is a need for product price or detail update, there is no need to redesign, reprint, and replace labels manually.


In a nutshell, manually printing and changing paper labels is a very tedious and lengthy process. Newton labels remove that process so your staff will have an opportunity to focus on other tasks and finish their shift right on time.

Display Store Promo Posters Quicker

Digital labels often come in different sizes, allowing them to serve as an alternative, paperless posters for convenience store promo announcements. Like with paper shelf labels, setting up paper posters takes more time. By programming graphic images for the digital labels, store managers and staff can put up announcements much quicker. 


Newton digital labels have already helped several grocery chains such as Famila Markt save working hours and give employees time savings. So digital labels can have the same effect on convenience stores.


Contact us today for an in-depth discussion on how electronic shelf labels can help your convenience store!

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