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SOLUM Digital Labels Timeline: Past to Present

See the evolution of SOLUM digital labels through the years in this infographic timeline.

 SOLUM digital labels through the years

SOLUM digital labels through the years

2010: 7-Segment Labels

SOLUM’s first generation ESL was the 7-segment label. It has better readability than LCD-based ESLs and has a freezer variant for deployment in cold sections of stores.

2014: Graphical Labels (M2)

SOLUM introduced the second generation of its ESL called M2—the first e-paper label in the market that can display graphics and text in three colors (black, white, and red). 

2015: M2 Variation

The following year, SOLUM made an M2 variant that can display black, white, and yellow. It also has additional features like NFC and front interactive buttons.

2020: Newton

After 5 years, SOLUM launched a much upgraded ESL called Newton, which has 10-year battery life, faster update speed, programmable buttons, multi-page feature, 7-color LED, and IP67 durability aside from the NFC that M2 has. 

2021: Newton TOUCH

To provide consumers with more immersive experience, SOLUM created Newton TOUCH, a digital label with touchscreen features that can play interactive GIFs and videos. 

2022: Newton LITE

Newton LITE is a lighter and slimmer version of Newton, but just as fast as Newton. It is built with a customizable bezel and is designed to be easy-to-use for first-time ESL users.

2022: Newton Sub-Giga

Newton Sub-Giga was invented with warehouse and manufacturing facilities in mind. It has high-speed data transmission and low-interference connection for large-scale automation.

2022: Newton 4 & 7-Color

In 2022, SOLUM makes a break out of the 3-color combination limit by introducing a Newton ESL that can display 4 colors (black, white, red, and yellow) and 7 colors (black, white, red, yellow, green, blue, and orange).


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