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Why SOLUM is the Ideal ESL Partner

SOLUM is the leader in the Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) field, having pioneered e-paper, e-ink, and LED blinking. But there are more reasons why you should choose us as your ESL partner.

SOLUM is the Ideal Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) Partner

SOLUM is the Ideal Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) Partner

#1 We have the experience

As a Samsung spin-off company, SOLUM's technical excellence combined with proven product quality enables us to be the leading ESL solutions provider. Ever since we started as Samsung Electro-Mechanics in 1973, we successfully built our ESL business with our manufacturing facilities, which was made possible by our Core IC design. 


#2 We have the facilities

SOLUM is the only ESL solutions provider with its own manufacturing facilities, enabling us to speed up our development time, maintain a high standard of quality control, optimize the supply chain system, and maximize cost competitiveness. 


#3 We are innovative

We are known for developing customized solutions for unique retailer needs. Historically, we’ve been able to provide specialty products such as Item Labels, LED Blinking Labels, Button Labels, and various by-request promotion solutions.


#4 We make you competitive

There's no need to allot unnecessary time and energy on updating paper labels. Our ESL system offers the industry's fastest update speed at a 2mbps data rate. You’ll be able to better allocate your resources on more important tasks and improve customer service.


#5 We are trustworthy

Since 2007, SOLUM has worked with leading brands across the globe, providing more than 86 million tags to over 8,000 stores in 35+ countries. Until now, we continue to collaborate with many of our clients and put them at the center of our business decisions. 


If you’d like to explore the idea of partnering with us to digitize your business operation, do not hesitate to contact us!

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