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The Role of ESL in Customer Empowerment

Electronic shelf labels do more than just speed up retail store operations. They can help with customer empowerment.

What is customer empowerment?

Customer empowerment is when brands or businesses give their customers the tools and resources they need to make well-informed decisions towards achieving their goal—the goal being the act of selecting a service or purchasing a product that best meets their needs.


What makes customer empowerment a modern concept is its deviation from the traditional marketing behavior of the past where salespersons would recommend all sorts of products to the customers without taking into account what the customer is going to use it for, how many times the customer is going to use it, and how skilled the customer is about using the product.


In a nutshell, with customer empowerment, the brand is giving the customer the power to choose, contrary to the traditional marketing way where the brand chooses for the customer and influences them to buy it.

Why is customer empowerment important?

Customer empowerment is important because its practice promotes customer loyalty and has a higher chance of customer retention than traditional aggressive marketing. The methods of customer empowerment are seen as customer-centered than product-centered and less “pushy” compared to the old ways of the past salespersons.


Additionally, customer empowerment focuses on educating the consumer to guide them towards the right choice that best serves the customer’s own interests. The knowledge these methods imparts to the consumers stays with them and contributes to their positive customer experience.

How can ESL help with customer empowerment?

As said above, customer empowerment is all about informing customers everything they need to know about the choices available so they can decide (with sound judgment) for themselves. 


With Newton Electronic Shelf Labels' 7-page display, retailers can show more product information in one single label than before. The first page can display the basic details such as product name, brand, price, and weight or size, while the other 6 pages can be utilized for the product’s usage suggestions, allergy warnings, and more. 


Newton labels also have a 7-colored LED indication feature, which can be used to inform shoppers at a quick glance which products are 100% vegan by emitting green light and which products have low-fat content by emitting blue light.


With ESL giving the information without pushing recommendations on customers, your shoppers will feel more free and independent when making purchases, giving them a sense of empowerment. 


Want to make your customers feel more empowered? 


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