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Tips for Retailers this Halloween 2021

Like Christmas and Thanksgiving, Halloween is one of the holidays that retailers should prepare for. Here are some tips for handling the Halloween shopping season.

Halloween is the time for most people to go to the stores and pick up spooky decorations, haul lots of candies, and shop for Halloween costumes and party needs. However, for retailers, it’s time to prepare their stores for the incoming volume of Halloween shoppers. So how can retailers gear up for Halloween 2021? 

Attract Consumers with Halloween Displays

It might be a cliché, but decorating retail stores with a Halloween theme from the aisles to the window displays is one of the ways to promote branding. For example, a Halloween window display can attract passers-by to enter the store. The aisle displays, on the other hand, can encourage window shoppers to buy items. For stores that sell Halloween decorations, it is recommended to display the items for sale the way they would be used at home or events, so the customers can imagine what the decorations would look like in their own homes.

Promote Discounted Halloween Items with Digital Labels

Traditionally, retailers use posters to indicate which promo goes to which aisle. But if a store has Newton digital labels instead of paper shelf labels, retailers can use its 7-color LED feature for a Pick-by-Light strategy. Instead of using posters, retailers can assign a LED color for each type of promo. They can use green for new arrivals, yellow for Buy 1 Take 1 deal or red for Halloween items with 50% off discounts. This way, shoppers are informed while they are browsing the shelves.

 Halloween costumes and party needs

Halloween costumes and party needs

Give Your Shopping Bags a Halloween Design

Retailers can extend the shopper’s Halloween mood from the store to their houses with Halloween-themed reusable shopping bags. Moreover, using shopping bags customized for Halloween is not only for pleasing shoppers. It is also a way of brand promotion and securing future sales. Shoppers might want to keep a reusable shopping bag with an eye-catchy Halloween design. And if it is complete with store address, contact number, website address, and good logo placement, the shoppers might want to come back to the shop for the next Halloween.

Have a Staff Handing Out Halloween Candies at the Store Entrance

Giving away candies to customers before and during Trick-or-Treat night might not directly increase Halloween sales, but it can increase brand loyalty and be beneficial in the long run. Retailers can have staff in a Halloween costume stand by the store entrance with a bowl or sack of candies. The team can give sweets to both children and adults. Gestures like these make customers feel seen and appreciated by the brand. 

Publish Halloween Posts Online

Publishing Halloween posts on the store’s official social media accounts and pages can help prepare retailers and store managers in more ways than one. Through social media, retailers can post Halloween sale announcements to inform people, make a Halloween countdown to hype target consumers, or do Halloween-related polls to predict the shoppers’ store behaviors.


Social media platforms can also serve as a way to conduct COVID-safe Halloween contests online. Retailers can do virtual raffles or online Halloween costume contests.


Halloween is one of the busiest times of the year for both consumers and store owners. Halloween affects many businesses, too, from pumpkin farmers to candy store owners and costume boutique owners. 


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