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Uses of Newton ESL's NFC-Tapping Feature: An Illustrated Guide

SOLUM's Newton Electronic Shelf Labels are equipped with an NFC-Tapping capability that can be used in different business settings from retail to hospitality and even manufacturing.

Infographic: Newton ESL's NFC-Tapping

Infographic: Newton ESL's NFC-Tapping

What is NFC?

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a type of wireless communication that allows data transfer between two electronic devices close to each other using what is called an NFC chip.

SOLUM’s Newton labels are built with this chip which enables our electronic shelf labels (ESL) to have what is called an NFC Tapping feature.

What are the uses of Newton ESL's NFC-tapping feature?

Cashless Payments

Retailers can let shoppers have cashless payment transactions with NFC-enabled tags and shelf labels. A shopper can walk into a retail store and pay for the goods just by holding their phone near the NFC-enabled ESL to use Google Pay or Apple Pay in paying the amount due.

Hotel Security

As Newton labels are virtually available everywhere, they can be placed beside the door as hotel room signage that can also serve as smart locks that can only be opened by room key cards.

Workplace Communication
Employees will be able to check in at their current location effortlessly by tapping the Newton labels as they move from one workstation to the next. This method also reduces the chances of errors that manual logging often has.

Learn more about Newton's NFC-Tapping capability by speaking with one of our SOLUM experts. Contact us today!

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