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5 Ways Digital Labels can make Flower Shops Bloom

Digital labels can provide flower shops with efficient shelf-life management on flesh flowers, pursuing omnichannel goals, and more.

Today’s flower shop owners are facing many retail challenges as they try to adapt to the consumers’ modern needs. Alongside these challenges are the need to have a fast price update system during the rush of peak seasons like Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day, and the need to have a shelf-life management system that will ensure the flowers are sold before they wilted.


Fortunately, digital labels also known as Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) can make flower shops bloom to their full potential through features that can help overcome retail challenges.

They serve as modern price signs

One of the problems that flower shop owners face is tyring to find a way to catch up with luxury flower shop competitors. Replacing manual price tags with digital labels built with full-graphic e-paper screen displays and blinking LEDs gives the flower shop a more sophisticated and elite look. After all, price tags on literal wooden sticks are for flower stalls on the streets, not for competitive flower shops in brick-and-mortar stores.

They can display visual images and more information

The staff may not always be able to handle all inquisitive shoppers all at once while also doing store tasks. But that can be solved by having your digital labels do the customer service.


Digital labels can make flower shops bloom by impressing your shoppers with their ESL full-graphic e-ink screens—and multiple-page displays! SOLUM’s Newton digital labels are equipped with programmable buttons that customers can use to flip between pages: pages where you can put more product details like suggestions on which occasions those flowers are best suited. With digital labels that can show various product information, shoppers can have their questions answered.

They provide faster price updates for peak season rush

Flower shop owners resort to mini chalkboards on sticks as means to quickly change the flower prices when peak seasons like Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day are just around the corner. But there’s another fast way of changing the prices that is chalk-free and does not require going around the shop scribbling on every mini chalkboard one-by-one. 


Multiple digital labels can be updated at the same time automatically and digitally through a central server connected to the ESL system. This system can be integrated into the stores’ digital inventory and cashier records, so the cashier data and the price displayed on the digital labels are always in sync.

They provide efficient shelf life management

Throwing away flowers because they wilted before they had the chance to be bought is one of the common challenges of owning a flower shop. Not only this increase wastage, but it also results in loss of potential income.


But with digital labels LED indication system, the staff can be alerted which flowers need to be sold as soon as possible when the labels’ LED blinks red (or whatever color you programmed it to use). When a staff saw a label blinking, they can then proceed to try to sell the flower to shoppers before the day ends, therefore avoiding throwing it away.

They provide omnichannel opportunities

Modern consumers need modern ways of shopping, and brick-and-mortar flower shops have to keep up to compete with online competitors and accommodate shoppers who prefer cashless transactions.


Digital labels can pave the way for omnichannel opportunities and offer new doorways to flower shops. Because digital labels help digitize business structures, they can be useful to sync the prices in the store and in the flower shop’s website in case the shop owner decided to venture into eCommerce. Additionally, the digital labels’ NFC-tapping capability can allow the flower shop to conduct cashless transactions like mobile payments.


Make your flower shop bloom and contact us today for more information about digital labels!

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