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Ways Movie Theaters can Modernize their Services

Cinemas need to modernize their services to keep in the business, and here is how they can do that with movie theater signages.

“At least 40% of all businesses will die in the next 10 years… if they don’t figure out how to change their entire company to accommodate new technologies.” —John Chambers, Cisco 


In the age of digitalization, adapting to the latest technology is a vital move for many businesses from small-scale enterprises to big companies. Groceries, fashion boutiques, and factories are just some of the many businesses that use the technology of digital labels in their daily operations to meet the ever-evolving needs of their customers. As establishments that people often flock to, cinema houses and movie theaters are no different from any hypermarket or department stores needing modernization.


So, here are the ways movie theaters can modernize their services to enhance their patron’s experience.

Using Digital Labels as Movie Posters

To this day, most cinemas still use large-sized paper posters to display both showing and upcoming films. Most of the time, these posters are inside glass cases lit from the inside with fluorescent lights. Although a lot of movie theaters still use these types of displays, paper movie posters are outdated considering that we are in a digital age. Using digital labels in their stead provides moviegoers with a better and more modern cinema experience the moment the patrons see those sleek hardware and the high-definition graphics of those electronic posters.


Digital movie theater signages not only modernize the atmosphere, but it also helps make things easier.


Traditional movie posters need constant changing, which requires constant time and effort as well. With digital labels as cinema signages, movie announcements can be changed digitally. No more waiting for the brand new prints of upcoming movies to display in the case—just a few clicks and a new set of digital posters can be shown. Also, electronic labels have built-in backlights powered by batteries, so using them would help decrease the theater’s electricity costs compared to the fluorescent lighting used by common movie poster cases. 

Replacing Concession Stand Menus with Digital Price Display

Movie announcements are not the only ones that keep changing every time. Food prices can change multiple times in a single year due to the inflation rate, which then affects the menu boards of concession stands in theaters. Using digital price displays makes adapting to the product changes easier. The prices on the menu board can be updated as soon as needed, whether there’s a price hike or a discount.

Digital Signage Menu Boards

Digital Signage Menu Boards


Additionally, having a digital price display as a movie theater’s menu board allows for much more attractive and dynamic signage that can pull more income. For one, the graphics of a regular concession stand menu are static and unmoving. Although static graphics do not necessarily turn away consumers, they do not appeal to buyers the way animated content draws in people. With a digital menu board, the graphics can have animated objects highlighting discounts or new products—or limited meal combo offers!


By using digital labels as menu boards, theater managers can modernize the moviegoers’ experience and increase concession sales at the same time!

Bringing the Advertising to the Next Level

Aside from movie posters and menu boards, cinema houses also usually have standees or poster cases that display advertisements instead of movie posters. While these types of theater signages do provide additional profit, a digital alternative could bring more income to the table while welcoming patrons with advanced technology.


Modernize your ad space by using digital labels as movie theater signages instead of using poster standees. While poster standees can show only one ad, digital labels like SOLUM’s Newton can post six more as one label alone can display up to seven pages—which means seven ads and 7x more additional profit!


Digital labels can also serve other purposes than displaying ads. They can also display informative pages like ticket prices, special services offered, and new (or upcoming) cinema facilities and features. These details can inform and entertain moviegoers who are waiting on the ticket line and patrons waiting for the next showing.


Modernizing movie theater services with digital labels enhance customer experience and increases the chances of retaining patrons and attracting new moviegoers. 


If you are interested in taking your movie theater signage up a notch and proving to customers that you can adapt and compete in this modern age, contact us so we can tell you more about how our digital labels can help your theater!

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