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Ways Newton Sub-Giga can be Used in Warehouses

Newton Sub-Giga models are built and designed to aid in warehouse operations from pick-by-light assembly to tracking workers’ movements.

During the previous years, SOLUM’s clients in the warehousing industry use the Newton electronic shelf labels (ESL) for their operations. Being a leader in innovation, SOLUM observed that the operations could be better if the ESL are built for such uses. As a response, SOLUM took our Newton technology and fitted it with features that will make it ideal for industrial environments: hence, Newton Sub-Giga was brought to life.


Because of its features, there are many ways Newton Sub-Giga can be used in warehouse facilities, and below are a few samples.

LED Picking for pick-by-light assembly

Pick-by-light assembly is an important part of manufacturing facilities like canned goods factories and original equipment manufacturers or OEMs. With the Newton Sub-Giga 4.3” LED Picking ESL, pick-by-light and put-by-light assembly processes are much more efficient.


The Newton Sub-Giga 4.3” LED Picking model has a 7-colored blinking light and a 4.15” by 1.21” full-graphic e-ink display area for data accuracy, reducing the possibility of workplace errors. Additionally, the 4.3” LED Picking ESL has a third button located above the blinking LED, so workers can push it to stop the blinking and tell the system that the job on that particular shelf or bin has been completed, logging in information to the central server in real-time.

Location-based services for tracking workers

All Newton Sub-Giga models have a Location-Based Service (LBS) capability that gives way to real-time geo-data so supervisors and on-site project managers can track the workers’ movements as well as any moving equipment attached with an ESL.


Newton Sub-Giga’s LBS system covers integrations with different APIs and facility mapping databases as an RF-based electronic shelf label. Moreover, using the labels’ LBS feature means your staff will be able to plan their route across your manufacturing facility or distribution center ahead of time, allowing them to maximize their movement, resulting in even greater daily productivity.

Sub-Giga Protocol for fast label update speed

The Sub-Giga Protocol is one of the major factors that makes SOLUM’s Newton Sub-Giga labels one of the fastest ESL options made for large-scale commercial use. In a nutshell, Newton Sub-Giga ESL is designed specifically for use in a busy industrial environment where heavy machinery and metal equipment are common.

Take advantage of the different ways you can use Newton Sub-Giga to gear up your warehouse facility or distribution center to Industry 4.0! Contact us today for further discussions.

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