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What are the Display Applications of Electronic Shelf Labels?

ESL uses interactive graphics to pass on information to customers or staff

What are the Display Applications of Electronic Shelf Labels?

What are the Display Applications of Electronic Shelf Labels?

You probably know that an electronic shelf label can update a product's price and show it in real-time—it's the magic of dynamic pricing that makes it enticing for many businesses. Furthermore, it uses interactive graphics to pass on information to customers or staff. Unlike regular paper labels, ESL allows for a wide viewing angle and low power requirements.


It sounds so convenient and cost-efficient, but the list of benefits doesn’t stop there. Aside from real-time updates, the Electronic Shelf label has more to showcase. 


SOLUM has constantly been developing new solutions, making several improvements in quality, and adding additional features to the ESL or Electronic Shelf label, which leads us to the most innovative ESL to date: The Newton!

How is Newton Different?

Newton can let anyone access information easier and faster than ever before. It has a 7-page capability and other features like NFC, LED, and interactive buttons, all of which serve to provide you with more versatility. In so doing, we fulfill our promise of unlimited possibilities.


Here are seven display applications that the all-new Newton can offer to your business.

Production Status Display

Business Type: Brewery

Recommended Tag Size: 11.6"

Application: Mark wine, beer, cheese's production dates, materials, environment (temperature and humidity), progress, and inspection date. Comprehensive system management is made possible.


Delivery Information Notation

Business Type: Convenience Stores

Recommended Tag Size: 2.7"

Application: Display order number and delivery store information on a tray to be delivered from distribution centers to stores. It creates a system, which will help prevent accidents and mistakes in delivery.

Menu Description

Business Type: Restaurant

Recommended Tag Size: 7.5"

Application: Real-time menu updates & QR codes in restaurants enable customers to participate in events.

Art Description

Business Type: Museum

Recommended Tag Size: 7.5"


Deliver voice and customer-required additional information by using QR codes to display descriptions in museums and galleries. This type of convenience means that you don't have to update every time an exhibition is changed.

Inventory Display by Size

Business Type: Shoe Stores

Recommended Tag Size: 1.6"


Customers can check the stock of shoes or clothes and ask the store staff for the product, increasing staff efficiency and customer satisfaction through active information acquisition.

QR Code Sharing

Business Type: Fashion Store

Recommended Tag Size: 1.6"

Application: If a product is not in stock, customers can connect to the store's online site via a QR code on display, expanding your sales opportunities even if items run out in-store.

Materials Display

Business Type: Bakery and Wine Shops

Recommended Tag Size: 4.3"

Application: Specify detailed material information (ex: nutrition, ingredients, allergens) of the product or provide additional information to help it sell (ex: sugar content of wine).

Expiration Date Sharing

Business Type: Health care

Recommended Size Tag: 2.9"

Application: Display expiration dates to avoid the risk of selling expired products.

Newton is supported by a robust data management server, enabling businesses to manage data comprehensively and update ESL content automatically. It also comes in various sizes and formats, which gives your business the flexibility to use them in a wide variety of ways. And since electronic shelf labels run on batteries, you can pretty much place them anywhere in your facility, unlike wired solutions.


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