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What helpful functions do electronic shelf labels have?

Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL} are primarily helpful with displaying prices and other product information, but they also have other functions that can benefit retailers.

SOLUM electronic shelf labels offer features such as color display, multi-page support, video, and more. The main product lineup is designed with battery-powered, easy installation, and E-paper solutions features. All these are provided to enhance the customer experience and improve retailers' business operations. SOLUM offers a wide range of products to provide efficient solutions.

For product information, advertising, and promotion on store shelves, SOLUM offers LCD color pane displays.

Color Display

To display product information and pricing, most ESL products come in 3 colors, namely Red/Black/White/Yellow and Yellow/Black/White. Meanwhile, Newton Digital Label comes in 4 and 7-color, where Red/Black/White/Yellow is the four-color option. and the seven-color option has Black, White, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, and Orange. 

Multi-Page Support

E-paper labels usually have multi-page support, but the number of pages depends on the brand. SOLUM's Newton ESL has up to 7 pages, while other brands only have 5 pages.

Near Field Communication Capability

Near Field Communication (NFC) Capability is an amazing functionality for an ESL to have, as it expands the ESL horizon by allowing your customers and employees to simply tap their smartphone or NFC-enabled card on the labels.

Why Choose SOLUM ESLs?

SOLUM’s electronic shelf labels are made to simplify business processes. Retailers can reduce operational costs, improve inventory management, and automate price updates. SOLUM continues to innovate and provide solutions which retailers can benefit from.


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