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What is Paperless Manufacturing?

Paperless manufacturing uses digital systems to monitor and implement manufacturing production procedures while recording all information linked with production records.

What is paperless manufacturing

Paperless manufacturing involves replacing the use of paper labels in manufacturing facilities with digital labels like Newton Sub-Giga labels. It delivers cost reductions and supports continuous improvement and small industries. Paperless manufacturing is also less prone to error procedures, has real-time visibility, and consistently produces product quality every time. 


Moreover, replacing paper documents with a paperless system in manufacturing operations can optimize business processes and conduct real-time updates without needing to print on paper.

Benefits of paperless manufacturing

Here are some reasons why you should switch to paperless manufacturing.


1. Higher Productivity

By installing digital labels, you eliminate the time and effort usually needed in manually replacing paper labels. With digital labels that can collectively be updated within a few minutes, your staff will have more time to do more important tasks. 


Digital labels also make operations easier for supervisors and managers, as they can all be monitored through one label management system. 


2. More Accurate Data

Because of the digitalization in paperless manufacturing facilities, the human errors that often come with manual label updates are decreased. In fact, a study found that 23% of all unplanned downtime in manufacturing is the result of human error.


Fortunately, Newton Sub-Giga labels integrated into computer tablets can provide a more accurate inventory management device compared to paper-based clipboards.


3. Real-time Processing

With digital labels, each working member has access to the same up-to-date information, their tasks are constantly updated throughout the procedure. And because of the fast-update technology feature of digital labels, managers can monitor their staff—in real-time! They can monitor the department or factory situation level to ensure the completion of jobs and lead times are not missed.


4. Cost-effective 

Certainly, for any business, going paperless means that the actual paper, storage, and handling costs are eradicated, freeing up your business costs outcoming for improved money flow. Your business insights are immediately actionable, saving time, reducing quality fallout, clearing up compliance, and saving costs of waiting or producing replacements.


So, you get great benefits for low costs. 


5. Business Improvements

The increase in productivity, the decrease in task errors, and the reduction of operational costs can be all considered big improvements in the manufacturing business. This means that through the implementation of paperless manufacturing, your business is closer to achieving Industry 4.0

Do you want to learn what other benefits paperless manufacturing and digital labels can offer? Get in touch with our digital label experts! 

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