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What is the Best ESL System for Retail?

Newton electronic shelf labels (ESL) combined with SOLUM's Aims Solution is the best ESL system for retail businesses.

There is no denying the bevy of benefits that electronic shelf labels (ESLs) provide to retailers. Aside from elevating the overall look of physical stores, ESLs also provide a great deal of efficiency by automating many store operations. Facets such as inventory management, employee scheduling, customer service, and payment options are just some of the things that electronic shelf labels improve.


However, choosing your ESLs is one thing, the system is another thing. Some ESL manufacturers simply offer the digital tags with no accompanying software. This may be because their customers already have their own digital infrastructure. But if your retail business is starting from scratch, it is good to consider what system you’d like to back your ESLs. In this case, it might help to choose ESLs that already have a versatile system, much like the one from SOLUM.

Upgrade Your Workflows With Aims

SOLUM is one of the world’s leading distributors of electronic shelf labels. Our ESL products are continually improving through non-stop innovation and testing, which is what keeps us ahead of our competitors. Newton is our latest range of ESLs to hit the market and is exclusively powered by our Advanced Information Management System or Aims server. We designed this system to make it easy for retailers to manage their ESLs, product information, inventory, users, and data from a singular dashboard.


There are currently three versions of Aims available, as SaaS, a site, and as cloud software. You are free to choose which one is best for your business depending on your needs. Aims designed to support reliable automated ESL functionality while remaining cost-effective and scalable. Moreover, it is also easy to implement and it updates quickly so your retail operations are as smooth and as efficient as possible.

A Seamless User Experience

At SOLUM, we purposely developed Aims to make digitizing one’s retail operations as effortless as possible. We understand that not every client we have will be familiar with ESL technology, and we do not want to provide complicated digital solutions that only IT staff can implement. With that said, Aims in all its forms is purposely easy to implement. You simply have to purchase the subscription or software and deploy it almost immediately. No need to install or reconfigure your current infrastructure. Aims can easily be incorporated into new and existing systems.

Real-Time Automatic Updates

Much like any mobile application, Aims takes care of any updating and upgrading of software for you. You do not have to manually download anything to enable these changes to ensure you are always using the latest version of our ESL system. Additionally, any updates that you make to the display information on your ESLs can be done from a central dashboard thanks to Aims. No need to wait for hours to see changes reflected on your digital signage. Aims’ multi-tenant architecture enables you to update the information of thousands of electronic shelf labels in minutes.

Uninterrupted and Secure Connections

Another advantage to Aims is that it’s extremely dependable. Disconnections between ESL and server rarely occur. Moreover, the software automatically checks and balances itself for your convenience. Aims is constructed to have high availability and load balancing features to ensure that your automated retail workflows are uninterrupted and efficient. All upgrades are automatically deployed and checks for the ESL system performance and history are continuous as well.

Modernize Your Retail Operations With Aims

When you work hard and need an ESL system that works as hard as you, look no further than Aims. The SOLUM team has made it our mission to continue creating and providing innovative and purpose-driven ESL products to retailers of all sizes. To learn more about our digital solutions, feel free to contact us today.

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