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ESL 101: What Product Label Information can ESLs Display?

ESLs can display more product label information labels aside from prices, like expiration dates, nutrition facts, and more.

Across the globe, more and more retailers from small shops to supermarket stores are switching to Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs). And there’s a big reason why: ESLs can display product label information more than the traditional paper shelf labels. This is important in maintaining a business that values customer empowerment and encourages smart consumerism.


Information that ESLs can display depends on the brand, but digital labels like SOLUM Newton have a multi-page display that allows them to show several types of product information that customers need.


The most common product label information that ESLs display are prices. Like the traditional paper shelf labels, ESLs are primarily made to show prices, which is why they are also referred to as electronic price tags. 

Expiration Dates

Retailers selling perishable goods would be inclined to use ESLs to display expiration dates so consumers can easily see them them. Most product expiration dates are located at the bottom of the can or at the back of the carton, prompting shoppers to reach into the shelves so they can grab the product and check the expiration. But with ESLs, expiration dates are easily visible.


This can also help prevent pharmacies and drug stores from mistakenly selling expired medicines.

Promos, Sales, and Discounts

Though maybe not as important as product label information like prices and expiration dates, promotional announcements are still something retailers might want to display through ESL. Because ESLs come in different sizes and have various features, retailers can use electronic shelf labels as part of their marketing strategy


Newton’s e-paper screen, for example, is capable of displaying graphic arts and images, not just text and numbers, so it can be used for displaying eye-catching sales and discount announcements.

Nutrition Facts

Seems unbelievable but yes, ESLs are capable of showing nutritional facts in more ways than one for food products. Retailers can use bigger digital labels which have more screen space to display the product’s nutrition facts, or have a QR code shoppers can scan with their phones which will lead them to an online page with the product’s ingredients and nutritional benefits.

Payment options and instructions

Another product label information that retailers can display using ESLs is payment options and instructions, especially if the store is aiming to give shoppers an omnichannel experience. By displaying the payment options and instructions on labels, retailers enable customers to self-checkout. This can be possible with Newton ESL which has an NFC-Tapping capability, allowing shoppers to pay for products through their phones.


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