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Boyle Seo Becomes New VP of ICT Business Unit

SOLUM names Boyle Seo as the new VP & Head of ICT Biz Division starting June 2022.

SOLUM Headquarters’ Boyle Seo takes on bigger responsibilities as he moves from being the Vice President of R&D to being the Vice President of ESL Business Unit and  Information & Communications Technology Division. 


The Role of heading the Research will hand over to VP Jihoon Kim, an expert on the WPAN network.


Seo has been a part of the SOLUM and Samsung company since 1997 as an engineer and had experience in the semiconductor and software technical domain under Samsung Electro-Mechanics, where he eventually became a Principal Engineer in 2009. And he had been dispatched to India to take responsibility for the managing directors' role of Samsung Electro-Mechanics India Software Center till 2019. 


Due to Seo’s skills and knowledge in technology, he was chosen as the SOLUM Headquarters' Vice President of R&D in 2020 and promoted to head of the business unit in 2022.


"I want to expand our technology to other applications. Not just only on retail stores, but on logistics or management. Thinking about how we can provide more convenience to our customers is our starting point to make a good product,” Seo shares during an interview.


Seo also expressed excitement about doing future projects with the ICT team, which he describes as a very good team of people with several years of experience in information communication.


Originally a spinoff company of Samsung, SOLUM is backed with 45 years of wireless communication technology and device experience. And for the last ten years, SOLUM has constantly been developing new solutions, making several improvements in quality, and adding additional features to the ESL. Thus, the latest innovative ESL solution was born. 


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