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SOLUM and Logistic Lights Unveil Groundbreaking Intralogistics Partnership at LogiMAT 2024

Revolutionizing Order Picking: SOLUM's Advanced ESL Technology Merges with Logistic Lights' Innovative System for Enhanced Efficiency and Ergonomics

SOLUM is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with Logistic Lights, revealed at LogiMAT 2024. This collaboration introduces a revolutionary approach to intralogistics by integrating SOLUM's advanced electronic shelf label (ESL) technology with Logistic Lights' innovative order picking system. Aimed at redefining efficiency and ergonomics in logistics, the combined solution offers an unparalleled advancement over traditional systems, making order picking faster, more flexible, and cost-effective.

At LogiMAT, attendees witnessed the seamless integration of SOLUM's ESL technology with Logistic Lights' spotlight guidance, offering a superior alternative to traditional pick-by-/put-to-light systems. SOLUM’s ESL technology features glare-free, energy-efficient ePaper displays that wirelessly update in real-time, ensuring accurate stock information is always visible, thus streamlining the picking process.

This partnership introduced mobile pick-by-light and fully digital picklist/routing slips solutions, showcasing the potential of collaborative innovations. "The integration of SOLUM's ESL technology into our portfolio opens up new horizons for efficiency and flexibility in logistics,” stated Achim Hendriks, Managing Director and Head of Development at Logistic Lights. The ESL modules, designed for mobile picking trolleys, aim to minimize errors by incorporating LEDs and confirmation buttons, while digital routing slips provide a complete operational overview to all employees.

The collaboration was praised for its simplicity and effectiveness. Robert Bommers, COO Contract Logistics at Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, reflected on the introduction of the light guidance system, noting, "Logistic Lights is 'simple but effective'." Initially, the system demonstrated the potential to accelerate picking by approximately 5 seconds per pick, underscoring the ergonomic and economic benefits of the partnership.

This innovative alliance is characterized by ease of setup and integration with existing IT infrastructures, facilitated by Logistic Lights' app for standalone setups or seamless integration into various IT landscapes. Hendriks emphasized the customer-centric nature of this integration, saying, “Our customers appreciate our process-oriented approach and the implementation that is geared towards individual requirements.”

SOLUM's partnership with Logistic Lights exemplifies their shared dedication to innovation and improving the logistics sector. With the fusion of SOLUM's ESL innovation and Logistic Lights' cutting-edge system, they are not just transforming logistics operations; they are setting a new standard for the industry, where technology and efficiency meet to create the future of intralogistics.

About Logistic Lights

Logistic Lights is at the forefront of intralogistics innovation, specializing in a cutting-edge order picking system that uses spotlight guidance for improved efficiency and ergonomics.Their focus on integrating advanced digital processes and real-time information technologies underpins their mission to streamline logistics operations. 


Originally a spinoff company of Samsung, SOLUM is backed by 45 years of wireless communication technology and device experience. For the last ten years, SOLUM has constantly been developing new solutions, making several improvements in quality, and adding additional features to the ESL. Thus, the latest innovative ESL solution was born. 


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